I Have Hfm Too

Hey, my name is Becca. When I was in the third grade I was diagnosed with hemifacial microsomia. Immediately I went to the doctor to get it all checked out. 4 surgeries later and I have new outlook on life! If anyone wants to chat about it let me know! I'm open to talking about all of my experiences!
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i want to chat with you. did you have email address ?

What kind of surgeries did you get to improve facial symmetry? I am a young adult that has only been treated for microtia, but I have long desired to improve my facial abnormalities.

There is so much to say! It changed my life! I was a very self conscious person and people made fun of me but these surgeries changed everything! I feel confident and my face is more symmetrical. Tufts Medical Center is THE place to go for every surgery. I got all of mine there. The doctors are all unbelievable, I can't even begin to tell you how amazing they are..

I would love to hear more!!!!