Close Call

it was the morning of 18th february 2006. i was just getting ready to go out to lunch at my aunts house then there was a 'pop' in my head the left side of my face dropped and i remember thinking to myself 'oh crap' next thing i rember is waking up in hospital surrounded by friends and family with a tracheostomy, i had been in a coma for 2 months also had 2 brain bleeds, and dr had considered switching off life support but mum said no i had hemiplegia to my left side and drs told me to prepare for life in a wheelchair, which put me in tears, rehab was very frustrating not being able to do all the things i could do previously but out of sheer will i taught myself to walk 2 weeks outs of hospital and even managed to walk up a mountain in raising money for a little girl with cerebral palsy and currently live independently while working full time for a hospital, the most annoying thing was having people telling me to stay positive 'they knew how i felt' yeah right anyhow thats all from me, merry xmas everyon and keep safe
onearmedman onearmedman
Dec 8, 2012