My blood phobia is definitely getting worse. When I was younger I would cry like most kids if I cut myself but as soon as the bandage was on I'd be find. Now, at 27, I can't even look at a bandage because it has connotations of blood and I can't stand the texture of them either. I realised it was getting worse about a week ago...I was having a particularly stressful work day so i marched down the stairs to talk to a colleague. On the way down, I scraped my hand against some protruding metal and the cut was pretty deep. To save face, I carried on and went for my chat only to discover that the cut was bleeding down my arm. I started feeling hot, dizzy and I was sweating profusely. I then vomited all over the floor and passed out. Anyone would have thought my hand had been severed from my wrist! I came to and a bandage was put round it and I was sent home. Now, a week on, I've realised it was merely a scratch and my colleagues must've thought I was completely ridiculous. I have to get help...I can't hear the word blood or any words associated with it without getting short of breath, my stomach turns to knots and my toes and the back of my knees get weak. I have to lie down if anyone mentions the word 'vein' and getting pregnant terrifies me because of all e blood tests. I've never had a successful blood test!! Help!!
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It's been a while since you posted this, but I'll reply nonetheless. I hope you will see this response.

I'm hemophobic as well and like you, I sometimes get worse. Until recently, I only got a reaction from my own blood, but it used to be a violent one that had me pass out in a matter of seconds, now I can calmly deal with it, without being sapped of energy the entire day.

To put this in perspective, I'm a fairly big guy, bald, I ride a motorcycle almost daily and I have had a lot of people working under me, despite my young age. Shrinking away from blood seems ridiculous, shameful and embarrasing. A weakness that is unrelatable for most and puts me in a bad light.

So, a few days ago during a stressful moment, I saw the blood of a relative and became nauseous and had a cold sweat. This was especially bad because I've never reacted to any other blood than my own.

The panic we suffer when confronted with our phobia, is a powerful one and as the word phobia implies, it is often completely irrational, but you have to remember that; That it is fundamentally irrational and without reason. Nothing bad is happening, you're not in immediate danger.
You may have heard this from others who don't know what it's like to have a phobia and as frustrating as it may be, they are right, you have to realize that there is no reason to be fearful. You have to acknowledge the fact with your mind and your body and face the challenges of this psychological condition.

As you are right now, you're getting worse because you're trapping yourself in your fear, it's such a powerful reaction that how could you possibly overcome it, but this is another thing you have to face, that you may never fully be in charge and that's okay.
It's alright to have a phobia, it's alright to feel powerless as long as you know why and that it is nothing but our imagination and a irrational response through chemicals released in our brain and body. I realized these things although I have not quite come to terms with them - yet.

So, if I'm so smart and know it's as easy as just comming to terms with it, why am I getting worse?
Because the incident a few days ago was during a stressful moment where I genuinly feared for the life of a relative, this period of my life is stressful in itself because I am currently unemployed, for the first time since I left school, I have no girlfriend at the moment, I am at odds with what I want to do in the future and I am facing the fact that I may have to sell my apartment.
In other words, I let my guard down and because I'm in such an emotional turmoil, my hemophobia suddenly got the best of me and kicked me while I was down, I just couldn't cope with that crippling fear at that moment.

But fueled by that incident, I have composed myself and as I cut myself shaving yesterday, I had all my guards in place again and I dealt with it, calm and collected.

Willpower, peace of mind, understanding of your phobia and above everything else, determination.

This is what will help you come to terms with your phobia and let you deal with the everyday situations that everyone else dismiss as nothing.
You have to be willing to deal with it and do something about it.
Get angry if that works, but don't be frustrated.

There are other methods, if you are susceptible to hypnotism for example. Therapy can help you find your way. Groups can offer their experiences and offer advice.

I hope you learn how to deal with it, it's not impossible.