My Second Biggest Fear.

Second to death, blood is my biggest fear.  I have something called vasovagal blood phobia, which means the sight of blood makes me faint, even if I can't see it, if i know I'm bleeding I will faint.

I couldn't even find an appropriate logo for this group.  I googled "blood" in image search.  I clicked on the first pic I saw, because I couldn't handle seeing the rest.  I accidentally clicked on the thing to make the pic bigger and I freaked out.  I squinted my eyes, trying to exit out of the page but couldn't.  I panicked and felt sick to my stomach.

So I decided on this pretty red flower.

It really sucks for me because bleeding is a natural part of life.  If I am bleeding even the tiniest bit, I have to go lay down and let the dizziness pass.  I freak out bad when I see my blood.  I am terrified to get pregnant because that means blood tests.  Not looking won't work either, if I know I'm losing blood, that's it!

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Does it bother you to see it in movies?

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I guess I'm a little bit selfish in a sense because I only get light headed thinking about or seeing my own blood getting removed. I live in a rural area and enjoy the occasional hunt, so I do see animal blood and it doesn't bother me at all. I've seen some pretty bad injuries that haven't bothered me. But the other day I got my finger pricked to test the iron levels in my blood and I completely blacked out on the floor and lost control of my bladder. I think my issues might be more wrapped up in the doctors office experience as well as seeing my own blood.<br />
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Luckily for me, I am a guy and don't have to experience periods. Hooray!

I have the same, I faint even if someone is talking about blood, I feel weak even now while writing, I don't know how to deal with that phobia, I hate it. I have never had any blood test, I'd like to do some because I know it is important but I'm so afraid, I'm freaking out when I think about it :(( well, what's weird, my periods do not bother me, hm, i don't get it..

I'm exactly the same! I recently had a blood test done to test for many allergies and passed out because I knew I was losing blood, and didn't even have to look at the blood to faint. I also get nauseous when I see blood that isn't mine. And it can be embarrassing. Like the other day, this guy in my class had some scrapes on his arm and they started bleeding just a little and I started hyperventilating a little and gagged. It's a scary thing and I can completely sympathize with you. And I too am afraid of doing many things because of the possibility of bleeding. The only thing that ever really helps me in not passing out is to not think about losing blood, but to simply think "I'll be okay". and my periods are actually the only time blood doesnt bother me. because i do know that it'll go away eventually.

Actually, those only recently started bothering me, but not so bad. I am able to calm myself, but I can't really look at the pad or tampon.

but what about periods?