Butt I'm Only 22 Lol

Well it all started about a year ago, I'm a young 22 year old female who has never done anal (which can be a cause). I went to use the bathroom one day and noticed a little bit of blood with my stool. I didn't really think nothing of it, I just thought I ripped some skin because the stool was pretty hard. Then I noticed after any time I went to the bathroom I bled, I finally went to my doctor and she noticed a small "skin tag" around my anus and that's what it looked like... Told me to drink water, eat fiber etc.. Months later it got worse , the hemi (hemrroid) was so small yet I dreaded using the toilet. Taking a **** was awesome until you have hemroids. I only think its getting worse because it has gotten bigger :( .. Sometimes all I feel is pressure and that's the worse for me, I don't want to do anything with being seated when it's inflamed. Like I said its very small but it hurts alot. I hope I can find herbal remedies because preparation H isn't cutting it
ButtWhy ButtWhy
Dec 10, 2012