20+ Years, Solved With Probiotics

I had extreme bleeding and anemia for more than 20 years. Nothing the doctors say, like don't wipe hard, don't strain, or use Preparation H worked at all.

By using sodium docusate, Metamucil and senna and eating lots of bananas and pineapple, I was able to more or less maintain my anemic state without getting worse.

Then I tried Clostridium butyricum. In three days, I got better. It blew me away.

It's been a few weeks and my blood count is still on the rise. I've had two relapses, but both got better very quickly.

A couple of days ago, I quit the C. butyricum and started eating kimchi two or three times a day, which seems to do just as well.

I've heard of one case where natto helped as well, but I tried that daily for months without any success.
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1 Response Dec 11, 2012

Interesting. What is in the bananas, pineapples and kimchi that helps against anemia? How much of them do you eat per day?

I think the bananas and pineapples kept intestinal inflammation down to a minimum.

My guess is that the kimchi works because it's fermented and so has probiotics. It's possible that the chili pepper helps, too.

I still eat bananas and occasionally pineapple, but not for the bleeding. I eat a few bites of kimchi two or three times a day.

Ah... thank you. :)