I'm Pregnant And Tested Positive For Hep C

I'm 22 years old and pregnant with my first child and in April a standard blood test came back showing that I'm positive for Hep C. Last spring and summer my boyfriend and I were living on the street doing IV drugs recreationaly. We were careful to only share needles with each other and are not sure how we got it except that my boyfriend pricked his hand on another girl's needle right after shooting up and she told him she had hep. I guess he decided not to worry about it because he'd never heard of anyone being infected that way. He didn't think it could happen to him because he made so much effort to be careful. He hasn't even been tested but considering the circumstances he must have it. Now our baby girl is at risk and we are both so scared for her. My boyfriend feels so guilty and I'm afraid of what he'll do if she tests positive. He's been saying that we shouldn't be having a child and that if he had known in the first trimester he would have insisted I get an abortion and that we'd never have kids. I'm so distraught and while I understand what he's saying it hurts so much to hear the father of your baby say he wishes he wasn't having her.Our relationship is really strained. We're both really depressed and he keeps saying everything is a symptom, and he hopes he's dying. He's not going to get tested or get treatment. He came home drunk the other night and got into a fight with his dad and now he's in jail for 60 days and whenever I talk to him it's the same dismal stuff. Before we found out we were doing really well and were so happy to be starting a family. Why did this have to happen? I wish he would be strong for me. I wish he could tell me that even if she does test positive for it we can still be happy. I'm at a complete loss.
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relax. you should be enjoying this time, not fretting over whether your baby will test + or not. i, too, had hep c before the birth of my last daughter. i have her tested every 2 years, just for my sake, and hers. the dr's say she doesn't need it, but i insist.

so far, so good. i hope it stays that way. because i'm + i've taught her the ins and outs of living w/a person with hcv.

she's not overwhelmed by it at all. she just considers it a part of who i am.

btw, she's 17 now. and the very best thing that's ever happened to me.

if you have any questions, feel free to ask. i was diagnosed (dx for short) 18 years ago. did 7 months of combination (interferon and ribavarin) therapy. i was supposed to do 13 months, but after 7 i caved. it's very very hard to do. but worth it. i am now what's considered ''cured'' which means i have effectively stopped the virus from multiplying but still have it in my body. like chicken pox. once you have it, that virus stays in your system. so i'm still at risk to infect others which makes me almost psychotic when i do have to deal with my blood or other bodily fluids. my daughter has learned not to share anything that could infect her. better safe than sorry, right?

relax. you guys enjoy your pregnancy. you're lucky he's there. here's to your happy, healthy baby girl!!

keep me informed. :)