I Have Had Hep C For 10 Years

i was diagnosied when i was 18 years old in 28 now and have been throught the treatment peginferon and ribaverin twice with no success. i have a genotype they have never seen before. it is strong and unrelentless. i have had a rought time of it but im keeping on going. when i went thru treatment the first time i lost a drastic amount of weight. i went from 145 healthy athelitic to 86 pounds. i was skin and bones. still a year later when i did the treatment again i was only 105 when i started and dropped to 80 within 6 months and lost all my hair so they stopped. since then i havent been back to the doctor bc i have no insurance and i know im getting worse bc i can feel the change and i cant eat foo dlike i used to and i am just constantly sick or have a cold or sleepy or just blah. but i keep going everyday and work my 2 jobs just to keep going and survive. so yeah it is a challenge but one i am willing to accept and live with until the time comes for something else.
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1 Response Sep 6, 2012

I am sorry about hearing this, the good news is that nanotechnology is being tested now in trials. They are suggesting that this is the first cure for HEP. I was asked by my Dr. to wait 2 years, I opted to start the shot and the horse pills. I'm genotype 3.