I Might Have Hepatitis C And I'm Scared

After donating blood my mother recieved news that there is a strong possibility that she may have Hepatitis C. After doing a little research we found out it can be transferred through razors. My mother, sisters and I all shared the same razor. So there is a chance we all may have this illness. My mom has gone to the doctor to get tested and the results should be in by the end of this week but even though none of us have officially been diagnosed I'm scared to death and can't help but start crying every now and then. I haven't even had sex or done drugs. I was wondering if anyone can tell me what happens if my mom, and possibly my sisters and I, get tested positive for Hepatitis C.
KurenaiKamui KurenaiKamui
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2 Responses Dec 2, 2012

You shouldn't worry that much. It is easy to say, but... just try. I had HCV, we would occasionally share same razors with my mother for years. She never got infected. HCV virus is transmitted directly from blood to blood, and dies in 2-3 hours in open air; this also reduces the possibility of infection. If you are infected, it is most likely from other sources. But that doesn't mean you shouldn't get tested.

sinse you already lead a clean life style and early detection on your side there are alot of new drugs that will be out soon without interferon so thats a good thing , i have had this stuff for 33 years and when i was diagnosed there was very little to be done about it , so try not to be afraid , your diagnosis came at a time where theres alot of options