Reviewers Wanted, New Book Curing Hepatitis C

Hello! My name is Madeline and I work at Hatherleigh Press.

We’ve recently released a book titled Curing Hepatitis C by Gregory T. Everson, MD. The book outlines the latest information about treatment protocols including interferon-free regimens, QUAD therapy, host acting antivirals, and more.

This book provides an indispensable and comprehensive overview for those affected by hepatitis C, and we would really like to hear your thoughts about it. We are ready to share some review copies of the book and hear your feedback. To receive a review copy, please send an email to These review copies are limited so please let us know your interest and mailing address.

For more information on the book please feel free to visit our Facebook page:

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1 Response Jan 9, 2013

Thank-you Madeline. I will be happy to read the book and write a review for you. I have been reading a lot of medical journals and lay books on this disease as well as related diseases. We need more research into Hepatitis-C, Sjogren's Syndrome and other imune related illnesses. Cheers.