My Horrible Drug Use

I have shot up meth and now I am paying for it I have 6 years and counting clean time I never want to go back to using drugs again my doctor said that my blood work says stage 3 and my ultrasound says stage 4 hep c virus he wants to do a liver biopsy and I am scared any advice would help me thank you for reading my story.
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I have Hep too from drugs (going on 6 years myself). The good news is that treatments are getting better and better. Ask your doctor about the new treatment options. I was planning on taking interferon a couple months back, but my doc tells me there's a new treatment coming out later this year that has little to no side effects and a really high success rate. I decided to wait.

how useful is this website anyways? noone has responded to you? i got hep c in 1997 shooting speedballs in seattle. i shot speed coke and heroin til about ten years ago now. if you have six years clean, you should be able to get interferon, ribivirin, and victrelis. just last year i went through treatment and my viral load went from over 7 million to 43 in two months. it has been at zero for months now. i have no liver damage. there is hope, and congrats on stopping the meth. that **** is the MOST evil thing you can do to your body. 18 months on that ****, and well, two years ago i lost all my teeth. and i am only 49!