I Beat Hep C :)

make a long story short, my father had passed away starting messing with heroin, something ive never done. lasted only a 6 mth period, caught hep c from my ex. i knew it would happen so i went right away and got tested, found out YES I DID GET IT, so found a doc to start treatment, then not even a week later found out i was pregnant. So i had to put treatment on hold till AFTER i had my son. 9 MTHS LATER delivered a healthy baby boy and 6 weeks later started treatment. August 2012 started and i was very nervous but yet knew what to expect. i ONLY had to do treatment till Jan 11 2013, so i had just 6 months cause my viral load was under 16,000 very low (the lowest my doc as ever seen), though the 6 mths i just dealt with being very tired, i didnt get sick or anything, I praised god, so happy i was able to get through it and beat it. ur mind can do horrible things to ya, so to yall that are thinking about starting treatment or are in the beginning its not that bad, just think POSITIVE AND KNOW THAT THIS IS FOR YOUR OWN GOOD AND YOUR 6 MONTHS TO A YEAR WILL FLY BY...I HAVE had my baby boy tested twice already just to be safe and he is good, thank god..im not going to keep writing but ti anyone that needs someone to talk to i am here for ya..i just went to my last visit today and i can say I AM HEP C FREE FOREVER :) P.S AFTER 4 MTHS OF TREATMENT MY HEP C WAS NON DETECTABLE THE MEDS WORK..
NOLA2013 NOLA2013
Jan 22, 2013