Living With Hep C

My story begins when i was born back in 1989 i weighed 2 Ibs 9 oz with no lungs and i was losing alot of blood, died 4 times... came back!!! stayed in the hospital for 8 months till i was fully developed. Anyway... My father decided to pass sum of his blood to help save my life (not knowing he had it and it passed on to me during a blood transfusion) I have been living with this disease for going on 23 yrs now and i'm too afraid to get a cure for it (if there is one) i'm trying to find ways to help get rid of it by coming up with ideas (share your thoughts if necessary) I would always think that people would look at me different cuz i had Hep C but i realized that there are others out there like me. Yes i feel bad for them and wish i could help them :( whenever i go to the doctor i always tell them that i have Hep C (so they are aware) One doctor told me that nobody tells anyone that they have Hep C cuz they are too afraid... but thats just one guys opinion... I'm praying and trying to overcome and defeat this disease and pass my cure onto others in need so that they may pass it on and so on and so forth. Thank you!!!
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My story is similar; though I found out my HCV when I was only 18. I advice you not to be afraid to speak up, because it is nothing to be ashamed of. You have a virus, so what? Nothing to be ashamed of because it's not your fault. Also, there are lovely news: new medicaments for HepC treatment have been just commercialized, and they're heaven compared to the old ones and with higher chance of curing the disease. They are still expensive, but in few years, when the patents are gone, more health institutions will be able to provide them to their patients. Keep on checking in and find a good doctor:)

I will include you in my prayers! Keep safe!

Well a cure is very nearly here. Within a year and it's pill. Go figure

That's awesome to hear. Hopefully it's approved and covered by insurances soon.

Your defiantly someone to look up to and I admire people with that kind of strength. I just thought you should know that. It's the things we go through in life that make us or break us and you have become a stronger more resilient person because of this. I hope for the best and will pray for you. If possible at all see if your local university has any kind of eraser he studies or trials you can volunteer for. It doesn't have to be the one with the purple pill that turns you into the Hulk or Spider-Man. But most have simple studies that can contribute to a wealth of knowledge to help fight this disease. Just a though.
I do wish you the best& good luck

Dont worry John... I believe God plans never wrong, keep your faith... And God will arrange everything for you.. Even there will come dark time in our life.. Remember He always good.. Your story is such an inspiration and how your survive when you was a baby it was a miracle and God love you so much...

Just to let you know there is a cure but I'm waiting until they make the cure less harmful to the body also because my parents won't let me get it until I'm older and about to get married. I'm keeping you in my prays good luck!

I know many people that have hep c but I am not sure u have ever heard of a cure (meaning) it is something that is always there but there are treatments like Interferon that can help. I am sure you already knew that though. Don't be embarrassed or ashamed of who you are especially when it means asking for help.

I once prayed for my friend who had hep c, and the next time he went in for blood work there was no trace of it. I will say a prayer for you. :)

Wow Mr John I am so sorry for your battle and all one of my best friends has hep c
and I still know nothing like any illness or disease you dont know what it is until you have it thanks for being brave and posting your share

Proud of ya! Im sorry about it. But still, u are looking hot lol

You will be okay keep you in my prayers🙌🙌

There is treatment for hep C like gregorgriecivich spoke of. I'm a prison nurse and we treat inmates for hep c. Meds make em feel like crap but they work.

What a story of survival. I don't know much about Hepatitis C but I am going to look it up to educate myself. Best of luck. Thanks for sharing.

you are a brave guy to share this story- I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers

john from what iv'e been told there are drugs in the works that dont require interferon , i hope that you are smarter than me and not drinking because it doesnt do even a person with a healthy liver any good , it helps alot when you have family and friends surrounding you and i hope you have that , good luck and i wish you the best

There sure is a cure like Gregorgriecovich very rightly pointed out. More importantly your attitude towards it is very important, with a healthy attitude and with a positive fr<x>ame of mind, which I believe you have, <br />
you can speed up your recovery. Best of luck

Dont just wait like this,,,the more u wait the more it will damage your livers
soo try to struggle as mush as possible to find a cure for this,,,am really sorrry about it.....i wish there was something i can do for u,,,,but dnt lose hope.
God Bless U :).

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hi there! i just joined this website yesterday. i have to tell you my experience with hep c.
i got it in the late nineties from shooting dope in seattle, and i thought it would eventually be the death of me. but just last year i got rid of it, much as it can be gotten rid of, through six months of treatment with interferon, victrelis and ribivirin. within two months my viral load went from over 7 million to 43. it is now, and has been, zero.
don't be scared, i sure was, i thought i would eventually need a liver transplant. but i end up with no liver damage whatsoever. i am not cured, it can still come back, i cannot donate blood ever for instance. but there IS hope. hope this helps you. chin up!