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Such A Loving Soul

To Candyrainspearls

We are just a short time on this earth. Meeting you has opened my eyes; you love all with an ' unselfish heart. My life has been nothing but full of riches with you!
Love your Prince! Not only are you a Doll beauty your heart is rich! Thank you for you're consistent caring and support! Forever your friend! You are positive cherishing life all that is good; purify each path you cross to enlightenment. Your mind's 'eye give whole with your heart help and guidance. Wisdom beyond your years, intelligence as a beam of light from heaven! Living angel on this earth ' Gentle spirit; protecting, so loyal to all in your blessed life. Cherish and venerate each individual life and life form by reflecting love; life is a gift! Your a gift in mine- soul, heart deep true you!
You also say your lady is more beautiful, not; you are the most lovely woman  I have ever seen! Right; you don't flaunt it; it shines out of you! don't be shy ;)

She is shy to comment on this, I'll keep bugging her! Doesn't care for being in the spot light. Thinks "good deeds" should be private. Guess I have to see if she gives in.
ApacheKuruk ApacheKuruk 46-50, M 3 Responses Aug 18, 2011

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okkkkkkkk blushing thanks

Yeah,still waiting for her comment! :=)
Henniederks best regards to you too!

* she * is a lucky woman, to have you in her life .... Best Regards