Hereditary Spherocytosis

I'm 22 living with hs i was diagnosed   with it when i was younger i had a blood transfusion when i was younger and had my spleen and gallbladder removed when i was 7. I was great after that till about 7 months ago when i was told i had an enalrged thymus gland and had to have open heart surgery to have it removed. I now have a problem with iron being to high because of hs and have to give blood every month to keep it under control.
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4 Responses Jul 26, 2010

no they dont think it was from hs

did they say it was from hs they r say her left ventricle is larger

no the thymus gland they are thinking may have nothing to do with hs and they arn't using the blood i think they are just throwing it away but i have to give it because my iron level is rising because of hs

So sorry you had to have surgery. Hope you are doing better. How can you give blood if you have Hs? Is your thymus gland trouble typical of Hs patients?