They're Adorable

I got them after holding some at an aquarium. I just fell in love with the little guys! I went to Petco and picked two up. Natural shells--painted shells look tacky to me. I got one with a pretty normal looking shell. The other one's shell looked like an S design.

I named them Severus and Dumbledore, because I'd also just seen the newest Harry Potter movie. This was accidental, but the one with the S design on its shell was named Severus. I didn't notice this until two weeks after I got him, haha. I can be so dense sometimes.

Dumbledore was very active immediately all the time, but Severus didn't move for two days. I almost took him back because I thought he was dead, but one day he started moving. He's always been like that, I discovered. What he does is sleep for a week or two straight, then he's super active for the next couple of weeks, then it's back to sleeping. Dumbledore is always active. He's always scratching around in the tank at night. Severus likes to sleep on top of the little half log I got for them. Dumbledore likes it underneath. Dumbledore is twice Severus' size, so I'm amazed he can even fit under there...I have no idea how Severus manages to get on top of that log house all the time, considering it's in the middle of the cage.

I love hermit crabs, frogs, snails, and turtles. I just think all of those little creatures are super adorable. I like things in shells, really. The frog is an exception. But have you seen how cute those little guys are??
chococat159 chococat159
Jun 2, 2011