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Yeah yesterday was the day that I found out that I may have herpes...I went to the doctor because I had what was very painful.  When the doctor checked he asked if I had ever had Herpes.  I responded no, but my partner has it.  He took a culture and told me that he is fairly certain that I have it.  I sat in stunned silence.  I knew that this was a risk before coming in to my  current partnership, but I was also fairly certain that this is the womyn that I want to spend the rest of my life with.  However, my life with her is more complicated than me acquiring and exhibiting these outward symptoms.  
   A month ago she shared with me that she had watched a show on tv about trans surgeries and the people in their life who supported them.  She told me that she could not support me if I decide that that is a path that I would choose to go.  I told her that I have been curious but that it is not a need.  
  So when I walked out of that Dr's office I was scared...what if she leaves because i decide that process is what I want.  Or other lfie-altering event happens.  I am unsure how I would cope with being that open and honest about it 'in the real world' of dating...if that ever comes up again.  

For right now I am still in pain and taking the meds given to me..and hope I do not get them in the same spot cuz that sure bites!
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For me it had seemed like I'd just have to live with constant and long lasting herpes outbreaks, but I lucked upon a website selling hsv-zero and spend the 40 or so bucks on a small bottle of it. It's got calendula and a few other ingredients used in Germany to treat herpes, in a base of dmso, which both treats the herpes virus and dries out the sores. Anyway, for me it can prevent the outbreaks, and if I use it too late it usually only takes about 3 or 4 days until I'm blister free. So now the disease is actually manageable.

not sure if you're talking about trans gender.. If you go to webMD it helps alot... Educate yourself-- 75% of people who have herpes don't know it---- they are the lucky ones but they spread it........more dangerous to not know --- valtrex is good and in years time the contagious skin condition will lesson to a point that breakouts are rare...