Im So Upset... I Just Need Some Ppl To Talk To

It started with a small paper like cut on my labia. I had once b4 cut myself using the cheap toilet paper at work and I thought I did this again. Well 2 days later it was no better. My glands started to swell it hurt and itched to pee and then the lesions rapidly multiplied from one to ten plus in a matter of a short time. I admitted myself to the hospital at 1 am on fri. Knowing id have a chance of having an std or sti. In that mean time I have no family here and the shame of telling my mother was just not an option to call her. I called my Bff and told a friend of about 5 mo now. I thought it'd b better to tell a female friend close to the hospital. BIG MISTAKE. not only am I scared bc im not sure what anything is yet my neighbor/friend told more ppl. The rumor spread that I have hiv. Which I never ever mentioned. They treated me for everything but my gynos guess is chlamydia and possibly herpes. Im still waiting on results but im so scared. If its herpes I know im going to become depressed considering how upset I already am. The pain from the lesions is nearly unbearable. I got lucky and my dr gave me norco and motrin which made the pain go from extreme to very very very mild. I can sleep comfortably! I've still been smoking a lot of marijuana as it takes an edge off of me. But I just don't know how I am going to b able to live with this. The pain is tremendous and I already had to take work off.. I have a few supportive friends which I've been talking to any time I start to get really upset but I want to talk to someone who's in my boat...please help
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No need to be upset since so many people have it and live a normal life with it.

I've had herpes for a few years, and usually use acyclovir cream and famcyclovir pills for it. I guess those help a bit, but I heard good things about hsv-zero topical treatment, and I'll chime in and recommend it. It speeds up the healing a lot, and sometimes prevents the outbreak altogether for me, if I slather it on when I get itchy.

IM IN YOUR BOAT! I know how your feeling right now, and by the sounds of your symptoms and does unfortunately sound like herpes! The swallow glands (how painful is it) the itchyness, the stinging ! I've been there , and it is really horrible ! I got dignosed about 5 months ago, I cried for 2 days straight in a little ball behind by door screaming I wanted to die. It's very hard coming to terms with, it just kills you inside. What I can tell you , is things do get better , in the next 2 months after I found out, I was back to my normal self, i did find it hard to be around a lot of people at the same time, I would sit there and look around knowing I was different and how lucky they all were for not having it , I would often have to leave the room because it got too much ! Every now & then I do get upset about it, but it is what it is , when I had sex I accepted the risk of catching an std , as do everyone, but I don't think anyone realizes how easy it is too catch things. I will have herpes till the day I die , it's hard to come to grips with , I don't think I ever will. But for the time being I just have to take each day as it comes. You can still have a perfectly normal life :) I wish you luck & strength , I know it's hard , I'm only 17 and now I believe I can conquer anything !

Well, your description sounds very painful.

There are several antiviral drugs that treat herpes such as Valtrex. However, Valtrex and others have potential side effects.

If you are the type to look into more natural remedies, you may with to look into Gene-Eden-Vir. (google it.)

*wish to look into Gene-Eden-Vir.

well maybe it is something that will be easy to cure and it will be ok after all. wait for the lab results before you stress too much more...