My Hurtful Memory

It was pretty screwed up how I got genital herpes but when you don't use protection even with the one you think that you can trust herpes can be one of the less severe outcomes. I was eighteen at the time and I was in a relationship with a man of whom I had know for a few years beforehand through my sisters boyfriend. I was a virgin so when we got together and became intimate I thought I was in love but I didn't know that he was sleeping around on me also. We were together for 3 months before I had an outbreak on my genitals but I had never seen actual pictures of genital herpes but I had heard of it. I didn't know what it was so I thought it was an allergic reaction from hygienic products I had used and so I figured it would go away on its own but it didn't. It was very itchy and painful so after a week I asked my sister if she could accompany me to the doctors to see what was going on. When the doctor told me that it was genital herpes I couldn't believe it and I started crying because I didn't understand why this was happening to me. I confronted my boyfriend about but he made it seem like there was nothing wrong with him but he would go to the doctors anyway. After he had gotten checked out he told me that his test came up clean but I knew he was lying because he was the only one I was with. It hurt more than anything to be told I had herpes but it hurt worst when he made it seem like I had slept around and gotten it on my own. Soon after that our relationship was over and I was alone trying to figure out if anyone would ever want to be with me again. This was 12 years ago and it's still hard to deal with sometimes. I'm currently seeing an older man who has the same STD as myself. Some people say it gets easier as time goes on and it does but its still a depressing issue for me but I am and will continue to be ok :).
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genital can be cured by Homoeopathic remedies. Trust me I know. I'm a Homoeopathic practitioner.

I had sex with protection and still got infected

Genital Herpes can be cured by Homoeopathic means. I'm a Homeopathic doctor myself and have cured many.

Really !??

Yes, in fact all STD's are curable by Homoeopathic means

I've had herpes for a few years, and usually use acyclovir cream and famcyclovir pills for it. I guess those help a bit, but I heard good things about hsv-zero topical treatment, and I'll chime in and recommend it. It speeds up the healing a lot, and sometimes prevents the outbreak altogether for me, if I slather it on when I get itchy.

Genital Herpes can be cured by Homoeopathic means. I'm a Homeopathic doctor myself and have cured many.

Went through the same I just found out and he blames me and says I'm sleeping around and I will pay if he has anything. Thank god my other ex of 5 yrs is standing by my side and wants to work around it n be with me

Im sorry to hear that sweetie but im glad that u have someone who is with who cares about u :)

I just don't know what to do he is not infected can we have oral sex what happens when he wants a baby

You would have to use a dental dam if he wants to perform oral sex on u. If he wants a baby he needs to understand that there is a chance that he might get the virus. If he is ok with that risk then go for it if thats what u want. I have two children and they are healthy.

So there is nothing we can do we have to use protection everytime? Can I go down on him and he won't be infected

There no drugs to talk to help prevent right now my dr has me taking vitamin d 5000 mg my blood should be 40 I'm at 14 she hasn't put me on antibiotics is that bad?

Genital Herpes can be cured by Homoeopathic means. I'm a Homeopathic doctor myself and have cured many.

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If a person really loves you they will be intimate with you just use protection