How I Contracted This

It was about 2 years ago, i had invited an old friend from high school to come hang out. He came over and we had a few drinks. He started touching me, i didnt protest, either. we ended up making out and i got really tired. i told him he could stay over if he was too drunk to drive, so he stayed. we went and laid in my bed and he started touching me. i told him i didnt want to have sex because i was on my period. he said ok and then i fell asleep. im not sure how long i'd been asleep but i woke up to him having UNPROTECTED sex with me. i got pissed and hit him in the face and told him to get the **** out of my house. 2 weeks later, i got really sick and felt like death. i literally thought i was going to die. i had a fever and my whole body ached. it was summertime and i was wrapped up in blankets. then there was discharge. and then painful blisters. i couldn't use the bathroom without breaking down in tears. i will say that it's very painful the first couple of times. anyways, it was the day before my birthday and i went to my doctor. they could tell immediately what it was. i wanted to die. i didn't know what to think. i just laid there and cried. :( anyways, i confronted him after i found out that i had it and he denied it. but i later found out that his child's mother also has it, and another girl that he took advantage of, too. he has since been locked up for child molestation, rape, and willingly and knowingly spreading a communicable disease.
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WHOA.... THAT is ****** up, That SOB should be shot, after reading this im very sorry this P.O.S did this to you..........

I've had herpes for a few years, and usually use acyclovir cream and famcyclovir pills for it. I guess those help a bit, but I heard good things about hsv-zero topical treatment, and I'll chime in and recommend it. It speeds up the healing a lot, and sometimes prevents the outbreak altogether for me, if I slather it on when I get itchy.

Dear, go to a doctor or a dermatologist and ask about the herpes treatment drug ; VALTREX, you'll be glad that you did. Really!

I take Valtrex, already. :) Very useful/helpful drug. I'm thankful for it.

Damn, that's awful. I'm just glad that sick **** is locked away for good now for what he did to you and others! You sound like a very positive person though and I'm glad you're moving forward from this. Good luck!

wow - so sorry to read this - i really hope things work out for you soon

I am so sorry that happened to you that ******* sounds like something my ex would do.

glad he is locked up.. like the freak he is

I hope you reported him for rape too! and the disease... I think I contracted it as well from being raped by a married man who was in the navy he used to go to Thailand for sex tourism... or it could have been from my sister using my underwear all the time... when she was in a mental hospital ...then last year I used a washer at Fernwood and broke out over the face and arms and neck... still today pathology shows nothing but I have my suspicions... <br />
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Its been painful ... I sympathise with you!

I am so sorry to hear about this also... <br />
<br />
Life is going to get better for you.

i hope so. i dont see how it could get much worse.