It Can Happen To Anyone!

Ok so I am 23 years old..Herpes can remain in your system for years and even forever and you may never experience an outbreak...for others they experience an outbreak, and the first year is pretty bad, but as time goes by it the point that you wont have it anymore...I felt like no one would love me and I would be considered a ****.  I finally found the courage to talk to a family memeber of mine, thats a doctor and i told her what was happening.
She said blisters in or on the vagina can form from anything, it doesnt necessarily mean herpes..She said get tested and we'll take it from there. Ok so I did
and came back positive...i cried and she hugged me and said relax I have herpes too...I said WHAt?! --She is a very intelligent woman, and has only been with two men in her life. her fiance (that left her) and her husband thats with her now. She said just because you have this SKIN CONDITION (not a disease) doesnt mean your not better than the rest..1 in 5 woman have this...thats a lot of people! She said that just practice safe sex and take valtrex and when your ready to tell your partner what your condition is, tell him...and tell him not to freak out because you've been protecting him and youve been on medication which is a .1% chance of him getting take a deep breath take it easy, you are you, you are not herpes.

God bless
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really forever

I had herpes for almost a year now and during that time also I have tried several things. I did a search and I found the web site of HSV-Zero Product. Can control the outbreak, the important thing is to give a sense of relief from the pain itself. It's really a treat.

you can cure herpes with a systematic fungicide.

Please help:
How I can cure Herpes with systematic fungicide, please reply soon. thanks

you have to have it prescribed by a doctor. and to get a doctor to prescribe it to you, they have to truly care about people and not money, so if you can find a doctor like that then ask them and you are set.

First, thanks for your response, I really in need of help, I did tried so many things but didn't help.I know it hard to find a doctor that care about people, but if it is true I will work hard to find one even out of country. Before I start looking for doctor I need to get some information from you if you don't mind. such as;;
It is really work, cure or at least help?
Have you tried or did you know some treid.?
What kind off prescription I need to ask doctor (Systematic Fungicde)?
please reply, so I can start looking.


hi did you get any reply? did you find out what systemic fungicide it is? how do you take it. please kindly reply

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