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Im 22. At 15 years old I was raped It was the most humiliating, embarrissing, and had my self-esteem at an all time low. On top of that I found out I had contracted Herpes. I've gone through people making fun of me and Harrassing me. I am Now at Peace with what happend to me but I am here to tell my story and help whoever needs to get through such a hard thing.
       After I had Found out I had Herpes I went through painful hell! Its so hard to walk so I had to lay down alot of the times. Have you ever had a bad stomach ache, where you have shooting pains? Yeah, Well, that's what it felt like during the healing process but the shooting pains are through your crotch. Oh and on top of that I couldn't pee. It hurt so bad to pee like knvies were going through cutting me every time I had to urinate. So I wouldn't go until i had fallen asleep and would wet the bed(that was so fun,NOT!). It took three months for me to heal.
       Back to School!!!! Oh, the joys of having herpes in highschool and people knowing it. It's Actually really terrible, I wouldnt want anyone to go through it. I was constantly made fun of. People would say I was a ****,hoe, and the most popular one, Herpe Girl. So I had moved to another area and went to a different highschool but people know people so eventually the names came back. I ended up quitting school my Senior year and got my G.E.D.
       Dating with Herpes. Oh that's a charm. It was and still is very hard for me to date. I have always told a guy that I have herpes before I have slept with him because I wouldnt want someone not to tell me. It's just the right thing to do. As much as it's embarrassing and humiliating to tell the guys I still do. And yes alot of the times guys I've liked have rejected me and ran. I mean it does suck but I always put myself in there shoes. Eventually I know someone will care about me.
      I don't know what else to say but that I'm here for anyone who needs to talk or help figuring anything out when it comes to this. I've had it for six years and Have not passed it to anyone and in those six years I havn't had a breakout in five. So like I said I'm here to Talk

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I had herpes for almost a year now and during that time also I have tried several things. I did a search and I found the web site of HSV-Zero Product. Can control the outbreak, the important thing is to give a sense of relief from the pain itself. It's really a treat.

What did you do to stop the breakouts also when I urinate it don't hurt is it after while that it start hurting when you urinate