I Am 21 Years Old And I Was Recently Diagnosed With Herpes.

i have always been very careful about sex. i use protection and i talk to my partners about std's before sleeping with them. i am not promiscuous, and i feel a constant need to defend myself now. as if i need to justify my every action and feeling. i feel dirty, ugly, like nobody ever could or should want me. the only people who know are my mother, my ex, my current partner/boyfriend, and a past partner. i don't know where i got herpes. i don't honestly care to know. i am devastated, and i'm not sure it could have happened at a harder time in my life. i still don't entirely believe or accept having this virus. i had shingles less than a year ago and have read that if you are diagnosed through a blood test, you can receive a false positive if you've had shingles. if i had known this, i would have requested a culture instead. my outbreak didn't look or feel the way i was informed it should, but i know it's different for everyone. the men i have discussed my diagnosis with are all close to me and have never had an outbreak and are very much confused as to how and when i could have contracted the disease. there are so many things happening to me right now, including my boyfriend having moved 15 hours away right before my first breakout. he has been very supportive, and i am doing my best to focus on saving money to move closer to him. it's a complicated situation with this man, one i'm not sure i could even explain right now... but then again, what can i explain anymore? it's all out of control now.
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1 Response Sep 24, 2012

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