True Love

I am in a relationship with a man. We were trying to have kids. We saw so much in our future. We are planning to marry in january. I went to a gyn to see if I could have children, considering we have been trying for months with no results. I got tested. And I got a call this morning that changed my life completely. I have herpes. I had no idea. I have never had an outbreak. I didn't know I was infected. I don't even know who infected me. I started to cry. And I told him. He held me for a long time. And then he kissed me. And he said" if you have it then I want it too." and I protested. I told him it was something you can never get rid of. He then smiled with sad eyes and told me that herpes is like a tattoo and that we will have it together. I can't explain my emotions at this moment. The love we share is deeper than any ocean. We will not give up on our hopes for children. We are still trying. And while this virus will never leave me... I will not be alone. To all of you who are suffering, there is hope. I am an orphan. Cancer took my father from me recently. And if my father could take the news of something that he knew would eventually kill him, and still walk with his head held high. Then I too can take this and make it something to empower me that much more to reach my goals. I will not let this break me. I will fight. And my husband will too.
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2 Responses Nov 27, 2012

Your story helped. It was my ex of 7 years I'm glad you have some one and only hope i can be lucky to find some one that understands... However it in itself is a conflict. I don't want to pass it to anyone

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