Scarest Thing

Last week my body was really sore n the next day I noticed that I had some bumps on my V. I thought it was were I shaved to much.. But the next day everything got swellon n it hurt so bad to pee... I didn't go to school... I call my grandma and told her to get me a dr appointment.. When I went to the dr.. I still didn't think it was going to be tht bad... When I went to the dr she asked me when did I have sex n I told her n when did I noticed them n I told her.. When she looked at my V she said it looked like herpes... I started crying my eyes out all that day.. When I got out of the dr... I texted my boyfriend n I made him come to my grandmas house for I can talk to him. We wasn't mad at eachother.. But he told me that he had a cold sore on his lip. And I guess that's how I got it... Now it been a week and I feel great. But my boyfriend is now having little red dots on his ****.. N now we r = and love eachother more n more now
MnJc MnJc
Dec 9, 2012