My Herpes Poem


I feel so much pain,
so much pain that it's building up inside
Leaving me empty, cold, ashamed and all alone

You gave this to me
YOU SON OF A *****
I ******* wish you could take it back,
this dirty unforgettable curse that I now have and will never forget
I hate you for what you have done to me
YOU ARE what I ******* regret

A night of fun turned into a night of shame, a night of regret
A night I wish I could just forget
You have ruined my life, and you have done it well
it's like you have sent me straight to hell.

Im now living a world where I shall not experience the feeling of love
because whos going to want to love me after they find out about my dirty little secret
I hide away in complete utter shame.

I feel digusting, dirty and broken
I cannot even comprehend what has happened to me
The kind, sweet carring girl I once used to be
now turned into a disesed mole with a lifetime std

You ruined me and you don't even know what you have done.
I'll never be the same because of you and im now left all alone
No one to help me, or rescue me from a lifetime of pain.
I will one day see you again and you better watch out
because you are scum and I hate ******* you I want you rot in hell you ******* piece of ****
And if I don't ever see you well im sure Karma will find you she certainly a tough old ***** and she will be after you and you will have a lifetime of hell

I will never forgive you and I will never forget
and I now will live a life time full of regret

so **** YOU, YOU ******* ****!!!!!!!!!!!

dirtygirlforever dirtygirlforever
1 Response Dec 9, 2012

I too have herpes. Both oral and vaginal. When I was younger, the cold sores on my lip only appeared about once a year and always in time of stress. I would hold a alcohol compress on it all night until I fell asleep. It is so embarrassing to go to work with it I know. I would get many more vaginal breakouts when I was sexually active. Again, I would only rub them with an alcohol compress and will never ever touch them with my bare hand. Lysene pills from the vitamin stores dry them up faster and Zycam worked great until the fda found it and took it off the market. Check stats on how many people have it. I did and felt better but finally quit having sex. When I quit having sex, the vaginals never came back. It's been 10 yrs. the oral now happens more often. I hate the FDA for taking Zycam when it worked so well. That stuff they used to sell with a sc<x>ript didn't do squat and made me sick. I paid 165 bucks for that garbage. Definitely though don't dispair. I know it stinks but millions have it and I would like to go way back in time and shove this up the wazoo of the loser who gave it to me as well but I slept with him of my own free will. Now I don't want to sleep with anyone and it's a much smarter move.