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I never had an outbreak. i never had the signs, i just went for a regular ob/gyn appointment. i was told on wednesday that i have herpes. i could not believe what i heard, i was in shock thinking why me? i thought i was in the clear because it was 2 to 3 weeks since my doctors appointment and results take 7 to 10 days. i kept thinking no news is good news. there was never any signs for me to worry. i could not cry the devastation just overwhelmed me. i thought how can i tell my boyfriend? will he leave me? will he blame this on me? was it my previous partners or his? the questions just kept piling up along with the anxiety of telling him. my sister was there to talk to me and help me feel better by not saying its not the end of the world, which its not theres far more worse things out there. i was just scared on the reaction i would get from my boyfriend of 4 years. later as the night went on i call him asking if hell come over and for some and odd reason he knew something was wrong, and i just lost it i was crying hysterically. i did not want to tell him what was wrong over the phone so i waited till he got to my house. when he ran to my room i had to blurt it out i did not know how to say it any other way ,i have herpes... his reaction you wonder. i quote "looks like were stuck with each other" with a smile on his face , i knew the smile was just to calm me down and put my mind at ease but i knew he was devastated. i suggested he go get tested because there still is a chance he might not have it since i never had an outbreak so hopefully if it was me who caught the virus first he did not catch it as well.
all i can say is its not the end of the world. there are definitely more things out there that are much worse then herpes. herpes wont break you it wont change who you are. many people in this world have it. some know some do not, some do not even care and don't tell anyone. if you have people there for support either a family member, boyfriend, husband or friend, you can overcome anything that is thrown at your path. i do not know what i would have done if i did not have the help and love of my sister and my boyfriend. i think i would still be having anxiety attacks and not wanting to face the world because of this.. thank you all as well for letting me read your stories and building up the strength to share mine with you.
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I'm so happy you have such a great support group and you are right it's not the end of the world so many people have it and have it and don't know they have it. I have to disagree that herpes did change me. I know am way more sympathetic to people who have herpes or other diseases and after my self esteem was torn down to nothing I had to rebuild it and now I'm stronger than I've ever been. So glad you are doing well and you have such a positive attitude.

Thank you for the comment , I am glad you are a stronger person now . This will just one of the many obstacles thrown our way. I'm glad I have the support . If you ever feel you need someone to Talk to message me ill be more then happier to listen (:

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