In Love But Scared....

I'm 18 and I got herpes. I found out about a month ago after I met my boyfriend who I'm still with now. I got it from my ex well can't even consider him a ex cause to him we were only "talking" for 3 months and he cheated on me I found out after then lied to me about the numerous amount of partners he had. To this day I'm still hurt, yes I have a boyfriend and he's perfect, the fact he accepts me for me and even tho I have herpes that doesn't even effect us or our sex life you no. It just sucks cause I wish I could go back in time and I wish I would have left him.... So yes I have a perfect boyfriend but that doesn't mean I'm still not going to hurt I mean I just found out not to long ago.... I just recently lost my virginity too and it's crazy..... Like I look at myself and just wonder why I allowed myself to go thro that you no.... As I'm writing this I'm crying and heart broken. I no longer have contact wit the guy I caught it from, but it's hard it really is..... To just come to realization with it..... Idk but my boyfriend always tells me to calm down and not get stressed cuz I have what I always wanted, perfect boyfriend, a job as an intern at a huge hospital and I'm starting college this semester! I'm excited and nervous but I no in time ill get over it and move forward. I mean I have a man that accepts me for me that's all I need. As well as friends to support me
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1 Response Jan 10, 2013

You will move on it just will take time. I think you need to focus on those positives in your life and not the negative. You have so much to look forward too!