Something I Never Asked For!

I am 18,years old with herpes simplex virus 2,i contracted it right before the newyear sadly the start of my 2013 is was so far not good.A time of the year i wanted to,look forward to be happy that i lived to see it, I was devasted,ashamed,sad, alone also hopeless that i now had to live with,this disgusting skin,condition that i cant get rid of, I still cry about it because its simply nothing i can do not to mention im still new to this unfortaunately im sure overtime im gonna learn more on how to cope with but my thoughts take over so bad i stress daily just thinking about it,,. I wanna hate the person so bad but thats not gonna help me nor cure this virus He passed on to me I Just pray everynight that i can overcome this tragedy in my life! And even those who are dealing with this as i am because im pretty sure NO one asked for this!
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3 Responses Jan 11, 2013

I was in the er on new years day because I was having an flare up. I feel the same way that the start to 2013 has not been nice to me. If you would like to talk more I wouldnt mind it. Having support from others going through the same is important.

I have the same problem just two days ago I was told I had it. I got it from someone who had cold sores even though we did nothing when he had them... I'm 18 too and need someone to talk to about this because I am devistated just like you are... You can message me and we can talk if you'd like!

Good news is that you probably have hsv1 and the rate of outbreaks and spreading is much lower. I'm so sorry you are going through this just now that you are goin to find someone who will love you for you if you believe you are worth it which you are.

im 19 and i was also diagnosed with herpes. its was a silent problem for me i didnt know until my doctors app. you will overcome this , if you stress it can cause an outbreak. im here if you need to talk