Want To Die Need Someone

Yesterday I finally went to the obgyn for the pain I was in.. Was so relived until she told me she's pretty positive it's herpes and we did a swab and blood test. She said its because my partner of two years gets cold sores and even though we only had oral sex when he did have any sign of then at all she said they can still be transmitted. That broke my heart... Idk what I did to deserve this... I've been with two people my life and I'm not a *****.. I'm 19 btw.. I talk to my boyfriend and he's very understanding but he doesn't have gentital yet, just oral... I don't feel he understand and I need I know I'm not the only one out there... Because I don't know a single person who has them... I've been thinking of suicide recently... I just need help and someone who has it to talk to.. I'm scared of being judge because I know my mother and family would look down upon me greatly and I just feel like a piece of ****.
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Jan 17, 2013