Karma Is No Joke

Before all of this, I didn't fully believe in karma. I most definitely do now. My boyfriend of 6 years broke up with me a couple weeks before last Halloween. I started dating my best guy friend. Things were going well, until my ex started telling me how much he missed me and that he was an idiot for breaking up. I realized I still loved him very much and broke up with my friend, which devastated him. My ex and I got back together and things were going great, until one day my boyfriend went down on me. I heard in passing awhile back that you can get genital herpes from a cold sore. I didn't remember that until after the fact. I started getting bumps that look like razor burn on my vagina. I started looking things up online about herpes and as the days went on, I was positive I had herpes. I finally got into the doctors office yesterday, and the doctor said it was herpes. Hearing her confirm my suspicions made my heart sink. I only started out with a couple, but now I have maybe 30+. My lymph nodes are swollen and painful. I got a couple prescriptions from the doc, and they have been helping a bit. I guess i feel embarrassed and gross. Angry at myself and the whole situation. But I'm trying to stay positive and not stress about it too much. I figure its just a matter of accepting the virus, but not allowing it to ruin my life. I'm still me. I plan on keeping it that way. Thanks for reading.
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I'm unsure when/how to tell my family about it. I already feel like the black sheep in the family, and I don't want them knowing to make it worse. I know they love me and will support me, it's just imagining seeing the disappointed look in their eyes that's worrying me. Anyone have some advice on how to tell them? I'm all ears and I appreciate any and all suggestions.