I'm 20 years old and found out yesterday that I have genital herpes and it has destroyed me. I stupidly made the mistake of having sex with a guy I met on holiday and now I'm going to have to pay the price for the rest of my life.

I can't stop crying and all I keep thinking about is 'What if'. What if I had never started talking to him, what if i had never gone back to his room, what if I had never gone on holiday.

It makes me upset that only a week ago I didn't have this virus and that there is no going back.
I feel disgusted and disappointed with myself and I desperately want to go back to a life where my biggest stress was university work and bills.

I fear that I am not strong enough to cope with something like this. And it makes me even more upset that I have never experienced a relationship with a guy and now I have herpes. Which means I will never experience what a normal relationship would feel like without having this virus.

Im scared that no one will want to be with me once I tell them that I have herpes. Because in all truth if it was the other way around and a guy told me he had herpes when I was not diagnosed then I probably would have said no.

I don't want to be alone forever and Im scared.
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I found out about two weeks ago that I have herpes and i contracted it trhu a similar situation I went to Italy for the summer and brought a guy home my first night out we continued to have a fling for the whole summer and my herpes was triggered about a month later. I'm still having a tough time adjusting to this information but you need to be positive in a situation like this what I plan on doing is not focusing on the dating part of my life and focus on all the things that I want to do and fulfill the dating part will come naturally and I've had personal stories told to me in which people with herpes get married have boyfriends. It does suck but it is not the end of the world.

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You won't be alone forever. You've just been diagnosed and the emotional aspect of that is way worse than the physical aspect of it.

You are strong enough to cope with this! Everything you're feeling right now is to be expected but I can 100% promise you that it will get easier!

I contracted herpes last year and at first it was completely heartbreaking. Now I really could care less.

When you meet the right man, he won't care. Herpes also isn't as contagious as many people think anyway. Avoiding sex during outbreaks and using condoms is typically enough to prevent spreading it to someone else. Being on medication like Valtrex also helps prevent giving it to others.

Don't beat yourself up. You had no way of knowing that this would happen. Playing the "what if" game only makes you feel worse, so try not to. I know it's hard but like I said, it will get better.

My BFF has it too and she's the guru, she said 500mg every hour for 4 hours in morning and evening for 3 days along with vitamin c and one aspirin but I am NOT an expert, it's just what she says, check out this site http://theherpesblog.com/lysine-herpes/

Right now it is very VERY IMPORTANT you do not stress!!! I have it too, I speak from experience dear. It is a tough pill to swallow BUT this initial shock WILL DEFINITELY PASS!!! Please feel free to private message me anytime! I'm here for you. Don't TRY TO DO THIS ALONE!!!! This is actually a great place to get support! L-lysine is all natural and way cheaper than Valtrax. And I have many other remedies that'll help you!

I've had it 14 yrs. A pro here ;) I stopped eating junk food and don't eat much sugar, I am healthy 42 yr old woman. Have had a total of 4 break outs in 14 yrs. I'm having one now cause I'm super stressed about money but trying not to stress. I'm telling you stress is the worse thing 4 it! I will be going for L-lysine myself! I get it at health food store, any brand pill works. Also the first breakout is the worse!!! The rest of mine were real mild.

I take Lysine as well. 1000mg per day, and if I feel like I'm getting sick, my period, or stressed, I double dose. I started taking it about a year ago, and haven't had an outbreak since. You can get it anywhere you buy vitamins. I prefer it over valtrex or acyclovir. There are no side effects with natural.