Having Herpes

It was 2 years ago when I was tested positive. I am married. I did have an affair. But neither my husband or ex-lover (he ended the affair when he found out) have it. I remember an "outbreak" during the time that my husband and I were dating and at that time, I thought it was nothing. It's possible that I have had it before I met my husband and now I am just dormant. At first I felt unattractive, angry, hurt and that I won't be having anymore sex. But I have met people who have H and I have learned to cope and deal with it. And I am not alone. Two friends (who have no idea that I have herpes) were diagnosed with HPV. So, I feel their pain but not to their knowledge. Life does go on and this is not anything that is life threatening. Just have to be aware and practice safe sex.

val38 val38
41-45, F
Mar 7, 2009