Have Had Hsv2 For 11 Years.

I always insisted on STD testing before having intercourse with a new partner.  Same as this time in 1999. The thing is I knew very little about herpes and it isn't one of the standard STD's that are tested for when you go to your doctor.  At the time the test to accurately distinguish between HSV1 and 2 in blood was still rare, and even now I don't think it is a standard test.  One reason is that HSV1 is often in the genitals so a positive HSV1 test could mean you have oral herpes (Also important to know as it can be transferred to genitals via oral sex), but not all doctors think this way.

Anyway,  my boyfriend of a couple of months had the basic tests HIV, Chlymidia, etc.. and all were fine and I did as well.   A few months after we were together I contracted it. In retrospect  we remembered he had a 'smal irritation', which he often got.  He thought it was caused just by friction of sex, turns out it was herpes, but of course not the typical one you would see if you searched on the internet.  I got the typical primary breakout, high fever, sore in genitals, etc.  HSV2 confirmed by culture and blood.

He didn't know he had it, he had only been intimate with a couple of women, one his ex-wife, who most likely gave it to him. He confronted her and she said she didn't have it.  Anyway, we were serious, I was head over heels in love, but every once in a while I would think, am I sure I am with him for love and not feeling like I should be. I never have been on looking for love with herpes though.  He is now my husband and we have children as well.  

He gets a lot of outbreaks, and I get just 1 or 2 a year, and don't usually see anything, maybe if I look really hard, or feel around, but it is very mild. I was recently blood tested again just to be sure of my status and I was only positive for HSV2 not HSV1 which is surprising to me as my husband gets cold sores.

Anyway, that is my story, I have read that most people that have herpes don't know, many are completely asymptomatic and can still pass it.  Many doctor's don't really encourage people to know their status, and when husband have shown doctors an outbreak they say it isn't herpes they don't think.. so many don't understand that it comes in all different forms, anywhere from a 'paper cut' on the penis to an outright cluster of blisters..  

Hope this helps someone, and I hope at some point they have a vaccine for this, that would redue the stigma tremendously if new partners didn't have to worry about catching it.

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For me it had seemed like I'd just have to live with constant and long lasting herpes outbreaks, but I lucked upon a website selling hsv-zero and spend the 40 or so bucks on a small bottle of it. It's got calendula and a few other ingredients used in Germany to treat herpes, in a base of dmso, which both treats the herpes virus and dries out the sores. Anyway, for me it can prevent the outbreaks, and if I use it too late it usually only takes about 3 or 4 days until I'm blister free. So now the disease is actually manageable.

I also caught it from a former partner and just thought I had an irritation at first. It was transmittted from oral to gen. I was very disappointed as there is no cure. I have learnt to live with it now and I only get one or two episodes a year thankfully and it hasnt greatly impacted my life overall. My partner (now husband ) was in denial and didnt realise how it is transmitted. Apparantly if you go to the doctors as soon as you feel the tingling sensation they can cure it with a certain antibiotic. If you leave it too late like most do, it travels to your lower spine and lays dormant until you become rundown or susceptible and you get an outbreak where you are infectious. So many people have it now there shouldnt be a stigma attached to it. <br />
Hope this also helps someone.