So it's not earth-shattering, just an observation. It's a great song but not playing in a continuous loop from morning till night, sometimes even in my dreams.

"Hey, what's up?" "The world will never ever be the same."

"Your car is running on hope." "And you're to blame."

You get it.

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3 Responses Jun 29, 2007

Thanks for commenting, Natlynn, Angel, and Anovelplan! I heard on the radio yesterday that the singer knows Delilah, but they *were never in a relationship.* (perhaps he's on this site, lol) Anyway-I like to fill up on silly gossip, thought I'd share. The dj remarked that Deliliah was coming out with her own song called "My Stalker." xD And it's the #1 song, so I guess the rest of the world's in good company. <br />
=) You guys are great-hope you're all havin' a good day.

Glad and sorry I'm not the only one- xD

Well, now I do! Thanks alot Apix! lol