Why Are We The Ones To Suffer From This Disease?

i have had HS for over 15 years as well and i am now 29 and still cant find a cure. i've seen over 10 doctors they drain,cut, and put me in surgery for it and they still reoccur in the same places over and over again. even in new spots and bigger at times for some reason they seem to get more painful and pop out more during my menstrual cycle must be a hormonal issue? i dont know ?.my surgeon dont even know what he can do for me anymore he tells me "i dont know what you want me to do" "if we keep having surgery,i will eventually run out of skin to close the wound and wont be able to flex my arms or stretch them like normal." i really dont want that to happen either its bad enough i have this HS problem on my hand to end up being scarred and basically it doesnt even solve the problem its making me stressed out,depressed,emotional,and frustrated!!!!! we need to seriously brain storm and find out solutions on our own because from what these doctors tell us prescribe us and try to help us.... it really just hurts us even more knowing its not being treated ! why are we the ones to suffer from this disease ? ..... i hate when it drains on its own too , because my t-shirts get ruined my bras get ruined my under wears get ruined they stain them that i have to toss them out and with the price of clothes now and days i cant afford to keep buying more! this sucks so much. i cant put deordorant on because it makes it irratable and since i cant do that i end up haveing stanky arms that is so embarrasing. why cant we be normal ,happy , and live the rest of our lives the best we could with no HS setting us back ???? is that too much to ask ? i know there is someone out there with the solution and i hope he/she can help us SOON! thanks for hearing me out friendz! :) <3 <3 <3 <3
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Lokisan is correct, Turmeric is amazing! Just wish I could afford some or be able to stomach it loose in something other than curry - but when I was taking it I went into a remission that lasted almost a year, and it helps with arthritis too! Make sure to eat with it cuz it can upset the stoach, and it may also thin the blood, so if you have anemia or thin blood or are on Warfarin it might not be a good thing.... but man it was so nice to have no ER visits for over a year for HS! I have tried the Milk Thistle as well, but it did no good for me.... however in the support groups they do say one thing that makes sense to me in every case - what may work for one, may not for another.... it is pretty much trial and error, but a lot of the groups have many people on turmeric and they are all happy with the results. Good luck and may your days be pain free soon!

Hello :) Here is something you can try. I have a friend, that i met in another support group, who has had this for over 40yrs. Jan 1st 2008 he started taking TURMERIC. It is an indian spice and found as suppliments at places as easy as Wal-mart. He has not had a major flare up since he started taking it. I myself started taking it the end of July. Before i took it, i had 2 bumps on my face that would burst once or twice a month. 3 in my arm pits that did the same and 1 in my groin that would make it impossible to walk during that 'time of month'. Since i started taking this, 1000mg 2xs a day, the ones on my face have pretty much left, except the purple mark, the ones in my arm pits are small purple bumps and the one in my groin has not flared the 2xs it normally would have. Coincidence? or does the Turmeric work? I believe it is the Turmeric!! and Turmeric is the only thing i take for my HS.

try giving up dairy and take milkthistle drops everytime you have an outbreak