This Diet Has Worked Successfully For Me

I have struggled with HS for years. My Doctor verified that I have mild HS (I consider myself lucky) I sympathized with those that are still trying to find a solution and the pain (physical and emotional) that one has to deal with. After doing long research, it seems that while one solution might work for some, it may not work for others. I have finally found something that has worked for me, so I figure that it would be appropriate to share it. I follow a strict 40% protein. 40% carb. 20% fat. diet. (BE SURE TO CHECK THE DIET WITH A DOCTOR FIRST AS SOME PEOPLE MAY NOT BE ABLE TO HANDLE THE DIET WITH CERTAIN MEDICAL CONDITIONS). There are catches too, on this diet, the following is not allowed:NO PASTA, NO RICE, NO BREAD, NO ALCOHOL, NO POTATOES, NO CAFFEINE, NO BEEF, NO SUGAR OTHER THAN WHAT IS NATURALLY CONTAINED IN FRUITS AND VEGETABLES. NO ARTIFICIAL SWEETENERS. I get my protein mainly from chicken and fish, although cottage cheese, protein shakes work as well. Eat minimum 5 fruits and vegetables a day-mixing them up.  Also, eat the amount of calories that is right for your body, your doctor should be able to tell you this. I found out about this diet as a by-product of trying to get in shape. I do work out as well 3 times a week with cardio followed by weights, although it seems that the diet controls my HS more than the workouts or the associated weight loss. I have been on the diet for over a year, it took about 3 months of strictly following the diet for the HS to really clear up. I have had 2 set backs witch appear to associated with falling off the diet (one time going back to simple sugars, the other my protein/Carb/Fat ratios were well out of line), about a week after falling off my diet the "pre-boil bumps" started to re-appear, but would go away within a couple of weeks of getting back on the diet. It is important to chart what you eat to ensure the percentage ratios are correct on a daily basis, other wise it is very easy to fall off course and not realize it. The diet is tedious, but for me, it was worth it. Oh, of note, it took me about 3 weeks for my cravings for junk food to go away (but the clock would reset if I cheated on my diet hence I waited another 3 weeks from the last point for them to go away). Please keep in mind, I had Stage I HS, nothing more, so while I had several boils, it was never categorized as severe. While I do not know if this diet will work for others like it did for me, I wanted to at least put it out there in hopes that if a least one other person gets the relief that I have found in this, it would be worth it.
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I have HS and just had surgery 3 weeks ago today. My plan forward is to do all I can to eliminate any reoccuring probems. I know with GODs help I can overcome this problem. My situation is not considered severe yet so I want to take control of it before it gets to that stage. The 40/40/20 diet sounds difficult to follow but here goes starting today I am on it. Pray for me. GOD Bless.

I have been searching for something to help my HS as antibiotics don't always work and birth control just makes me even more hormonal. I'm a college student so eating healthy is tough on my budget. I have to cut out everything I like to eat but I'm willing to try it if it clears up this HS! It's getting worse! Could you email me some examples of things you eat? I'm not really following how you keep up with your percentages of what you eat. Could you explain that?

It's basically called a 40/40/20 diet and is available for research online. With the HS restrictions I would hedge to bet that this poster would consume Fish, Chicken, Olive oil or coconut for cooking, Fruits, Vegetables, possibly Cheese, Nuts maybe, Eggs, Cottage Cheese, etc.

Personally I've found relief in an elimination diet. Food I know for a fact instigates flares in me (everyone is different) Pork, Gelatin, Alcohol, Peanut Butter, Fake Sugar ("diet packaged foods" and diet sodas), Beans (might be all legumes, but for now I know it's vegitarian baked beans and black beans), Potatoes, Green Peppers, and I also maintain a Gluten Free lifestyle as well. My outbreaks are few and far between and if I do eat something questionable they are back to dormant in 6-7 days.

Good luck to ya!

So glad to hear there's a diet as well to control the disease. Are you able to tell me please where u found it? Appreciate your help. I have HS since 2006 have had 3 surgery now the r armpit flared up agin so got to go for another surgery soon... Please respond thanks

I am so happy to hear that changing your diet has worked! I am going to give it a try! Would you mind emailing me some of the things you have done and the foods that you eat?

My HS is at a extremely severe stage, scheduled to have surgery 2/26. I only have ever had problems in the groin and buttock area. I have been dealing with HS since puberty, starting off as what I thought were boils. I wasn't officially diagnosed until 2006, after several mis-diagnoses! Up until two years ago HS was manageable and the pain bearable. In November of 2010 I was 14 weeks pregnant and had a horrible outbreak, which required surgery because I needed the relief and have any complications with pregnancy. Surgery went well and the healing process went well, still today the area is pretty good with minor flare ups every once in a while. This time surgery will be a little more extreme because it is in the groin/vaginal area affecting a large mass of tissue. I hope to have the same results that I had with my previous surgery and help keep flares up minimal and under control.

I struggle with weight and exercise is how I have always maintained and lost weight. As severe as my HS is now, exercising is very difficult and uncomfortable. This diet will be a HUGE life style change, but worth it if it will help manage HS.

Kudos to everyone who has done this diet and stuck with it, it would not be easy, but as we all know it’s worth it if it helps!

Hello. My name is Jamie. I have HS pretty bad and am planning to have surgery soon. I have drastically changed my diet but nothing as strict as you are talking about. Is there anyway you could please email me examples etc of daily meals? Thank you so much!

I think I'm going to give this diet a try. I know that the diet alterations will become quite difficult for me, but my HS seems to be worsening by the days. <br />
I've had HS (informally diagnosed) for about 10+ years. I am not 24, and have recently been diagnosed and treated for stage 4 breast cancer. I think that the chemotherapy treatment, since it suppresses my immune system) has accelerated my HS. This is like a double-edged sword. I am in a hunt to methods that can help me fight both of these conditions. So if anyone else finds any other methods, I'm open to those as well. <br />
<br />
Good luck with your diet, I commend you for your discipline.

That diet works for me only mine don't come up if I cheat , once they don't show up until I don't care about my diet anymore,sometimes not even then...I guess I just need a one else in my family has it(I'm only16&have had it since my5th grade year)so I'm on my own when it come to diet&exercize it's just so hard..

Diet works for this condition. I am on the Atkins stage 1 and I have gone longer than recommended and my HS is well on the way to completely clearing up after many years of it worsening. I recommend absolutely no sugar, grains or dairy. Re introduce fruit after a couple of months and then only sparingly. A lot of meat, and greens, you will be amazed at the results. Zinc also helps recovery along. This "cure" doesn't happen overnight and takes discipline but you will see results.

Hi,<br />
I'd love a find out more information about your diet. Is there a program I can follow? Where can I find more information about this diet?<br />
I've had HS for about 13yrs, had surgery, taken antibiotics, tried collordal silver, been on a no carb/sugar diet and nothing seems to work.<br />
I'd really like to try this diet.<br />