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I am 27 and have been living with this disease for almost 15 years. It started off as like little pimples and the eventually got worse. I remember my freshman year in high school I had a flare up in the middle of class. It started to continually drain and to make things worse was that I was wearing a white tshirt. I prayed to God that noone would notice or smell it and after class ran to the bathroom and cried as I tried to stop it.  I never knew what my issue was, Since it would come and go we didn't think that it was anything serious. I've had boyfriends but nothing real serious. Anytime it started to get remotely serious I would push them away in fear that they would find out.  I usually get them under my arms, and found out the best way for me to avoid horrible flare ups is to try to get them to break early. Even though it doesn't stop them, it does help them from getting bigger sometimes. There are also times when they are stubborn and won't break till its ready. Just recently I had one on my upper thigh near my groin which was horrible. It was difficult to walk sleep or wear underwear. What I found that gave some relief is I put a bandaid over it. Even though I had to constently change it stopped the lesion from touching my skin and immediately allowed me to walk and sleep again. I haven't had a bad flare up in a few months and I don't know why. Right now I have lesions under both my arms, but they're not getting bigger or smaller. Its kinda odd, but it does drain a little every so often.
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I have suffered with HS for over 40 years and was only diagnosed in June 2011. I had a pionital (sp) cyst when I was a teen. That is a cyst at the ba<x>se of the spine. I was told that it could someday it could return and that it could tunnel. Well, tunnel it did. I get the boils right down the right side of my buttocks. I had to leave work and go out on disability since the pain of sitting could be so severe. They advised that they could give me a station where I could sit a short time and then stand if needed. That would be okay if I didn't have a knee that needs replaced as well. I have tried emuaid from Speer Labortories and that seems to help pretty well. Surgery is not an answer since even though it would take care of the current lesion, it would only start in another area. I had one that broke out under my arm and immediately put the enuaid and a gauze and bandaid over it for a couple of days. It broke on its own and has not returned. I have tried another ointment called terrasil but that is a black salve and in my case has managed to ruin all of my undies, even if covered. I can relate to the embarrassment of discussing this and the odors that you encounter with it. Since I found out what it is, I have talked to everyone I know and have explained my condition. It helps to have this site to be able to vent. Keep trying. There are answers out there somewhere. One of them that I am now following is Dr. Peter D'Adamo's advice in diet. He states to eat according to your blood type. Some foods are highly beneficial, others are neutral (meaning they are just food) others you need to avoid since for your system they would act as a poison. Good luck.