Found Something That Works For Me

I have now been using terrisal cream (found at every morning after showering under my arm. not only does it help with the swelling, but cuts the smell down big time. I've had hs for 8 years now under my left arm. I have used this product for 1 month now and have not had a bad outbreak in that entire time. I usually get bad swelling at least once a month but since ive used this product i couldnt be happier. I was on a slew of meds and none of them even helped a little bit. i rec: you at least try the small jar and see how it does. i also do not put deoderent on my affected area - just the creame. I sincerly hope this helps at least one other person out there! good luck and keep up the fight
cspitz33 cspitz33
1 Response May 30, 2011

Has the terrisal cream been working for you over the past month and half?