Deodorant Or No Deodorant.............

Well I have had HS for about a year now and when I first got it on my underarm I was in so much pain that I had to get it cut open and drained. It healed in about a month which is crazy. But from then on I have a flare up once in a while but I try to keep the area really clean and dry. But we all sweat there its only natural and its not always good smelling sweat.  I was wondering if anyone knew about any kinds of deodorants that wont make HS worse. I read a forum about a girl using arm and hammer deodorant just to avoid B.O. but I dont know if anyone has tried it. I am also trying to lose weight as I know being overweight can really affect HS and since having 2 babies I'm at my heaviest and think this is one of the biggest reasons that these appeared. But i think my biggest concern is body odor and deodorant is not recommended, so if someone can give me some advice on what type of deodorant would work best I would appreciate it. I really hope someone finds a cure for this soon because this is a horrible disease!
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I use hibiclens underbmy arms soho don't have to use deoedarant. Its really good.

I have had HS since 2005 you can't wear deodorant. Try hibliclens cost $11 a bottle controls bacteria and odor. My infectious disease docotor told me to use it. I been using it for 3 years now

Please try turmeric 1tsp 3xs a day in yoghurt, and apply coconut oil (organic if possible) to your HS even open sores/wounds.<br />
Also get on zinc picolinate 50mgs 2xs a day. <br />
Finally get some salt crystal deodorant in a SPRAY for NO rolls or stick, it help ridiculous amounts!!<br /> under the aliments section, click on HS and start reading!!!

I have had HS for over 15 years but was diagnosed with it just over a year ago. I am on an antibiotic and still in pain (of course) but the one thing I use to keep my skin clean is apple cider vinegar. My doctor thought that was a great idea. Since I was dealing with this without a medical professional for the 14 years prior, the vinegar really did help keep at bay and cut back on the odor. It is a terrible disease and hopefully they will figure more and more out with case studies and get us some real help. Hang in there and try to keep a smile on your face. Stress is a major pla<x>yer in this disease and keeping stress free will help with the flare ups.

I have had HS since I was 8 years old (36 now), but it only recently began affecting my armpits when I switched to clinical strength deodorant. Since that time, I have been unable to wear any commercial deodorant without causing a flare. I have had some minor success with a couple of natural deodorants that I tried from my local health food store, but I was disappointed that they didn't really last long. And sometimes they don't smell great. I have had the best luck with milk of magnesia. I know that sounds crazy, but it actually works for me! You have to make sure it completely dries before you put your clothing on, and it does have to be reapplied more often. But so far, it has worked great for me. I still do get a rare cyst under my arm, but when that happens, I wash with antibacterial soap and vinegar and put Campho-phenique gel on it and it usually heals fairly quickly. Good luck!!!

@susanm2, I want to try ACV under my arms and groin area for my healing HS but wonder if it burns?
Aslo for MoM is there other way you can take it for example in pill form?