I've Also Been Living With Hs!

Im glad to have ran across this website. About 6 years ago I had a boil come up under my groin area. i tried topical creams and such but it seemed to keep getting bigger. I tried squeezing it and at last a foul ordered pus like substance leaked out and it went away. I thought "What the hell" is this. well about 8 months or so later im at work and i noticed that every time i sat down i had a small pinch or pain. so i went to the bathroom and another boil. almost in same spot. well about 3 or 4 days later it had got so big about the size of a golf ball but a little bigger. i went to the ER. so so so embarrassing. a woman doctor had to come in and i had to get naked and the doctors lanced it. it stunk really bad, oh my god i was so embarrassed. it went away and about 6 months after that i would get a couple small ones that i would just pop myself. probably not smart but i didnt want to go thru all the embarrassment again. So here i am 6 years later. i still get them. I am such a clean person and dont understand why i keep getting these under my groin area. The largest so far was this week, it was more like a tunnel i guess about 4 inches long under my groin and down towards my anus. it hurt really bad. after the third day it finally started leaking on its own. now keep inĀ  mind ive been battleing this myself without going to the doctor. my wifes a big help. i am about 60 lbs overweight. maybe obesity has the most to do with it. i also work in a very highly stressed inviroment on a daily basis. always stressed. another factor that i think might have a similarity is that ive had athletes foot before and not sure if i may have scratched my foot then my groin and may have spread the bacteria to my groin and that started it or what? so far ive only had them under my groin. the doctors always said never squeeze the boils because the infection can actually spread inside of you when you squeeze. but i must say from my own experience, the faster i can get that boil or lump to drain, the faster it goes away. for the past 6 years only twice was i bed ridden for a couple days. the rest wasnt bad. just wish someone would come up with a cure before mine get uncontrollable like other people. -God Bless
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I hope this fines you well but if not HS is hereditary and if you ask your family members on both sides, one or more of the are also inflected with HS. Also being over weight, wearing tight clothes and smoking trigger the HS. I have had and lived with my HS since diagnosed when I was 21 and I am not 43 with stage 3 HS in my left armpit and a general surgeon has recommended the radical armpit surgery so next week I have an appt with a derm dr who works with the hospital staff plastic surgeons and I can't wait to be healed of this HS in my armpits :-) Wish you luck with your HS but remember it is a rare disorder with no research because the ones inflected like you are to embarrassed and therefore no research no cure so please go see a dermatologist, they can help you :-)

Hi, just know that you are not alone. Please see a dermatoligist if you can. I had the best luck there. Call ahead and ask if the DR. has experience with HS. There is antibiotic theraphy..I took a low dose daily for years and kept it under control. Next was having steroid injections into the infected site. That again helped for a couple years..till the shots were becoming weekly. Now I have resorted to surgery. Post op 2 weeks now and praying that this will work. My DR. believes if the sweat glands are removed, the infection has no place to return too. Good luck to you.