Hs Is A Pain In The Butt

For the last 4 years I have been getting painful boils on my backside. It started out as one or two occasionally and now it is full blown on both cheeks.  I was diagnosed finally last month with HS. I asked the surgeon that diagnosed it what to do about it.  He said "nothing, there is no cure." he suggested a dermatologist and massive antibiotics or having them lanced as the arise.  None of that sat too well with me.
This has caused a lot of anxiety and embarrassment since anyone that suffers with this disease knows that the boils can fill and suddenly rupture and leak. With it being on my backside I am always afraid of where I sit or if I will ever be able to wear my light colored pants again.  I am also tired of having bandaids stuck up my rear to cover them. 
Once I got the diagnosis, I did some research online and found two sites - one that offered an all natural cream and one that offered herbal pills. I have talked to my primary care physician and he is agreeable to try the treatment. So far the cream has been helping a bit it drawing it out and drying it up. Since I am in the middle of a severe flare up though and have been out of work on other issues, I am concerned about going back to work on Monday and if I will be able to continue with work or will have to leave work permanently since I sit at a desk all day and now I find I can only tolerate a desk chair for about 20 minutes at a time.
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I also suffer from this. I recently started using a remedy of natural sea salt and water to clean the area (allow time to dry) and follow up with 100% tea tree oil. Repeat this several times everyday. It is also very important to give time for the affected area to breathe. This, so far, has worked better then anything I have ever tried. Not to mention its completely natural. Good luck and don't give up. We can all fight this

when I moved to Hawaii 6 years ago I discoverd Kamani Oil. It has changed my life! I suffered from massive cold sores and boils on my bum. When a friend recommended it I thought what the heck. Well I was in for the best surprise of my life! the min. I felt my upper lip start to tingle I applied the Kamani oil. To my surprise the tingling stopped and the cold sore never appeared!! The next time a boil started I did the same thing and the same result! I travel a lot and I never leave home with out my kamani oil it was the best 9 dollars ever spent! I have used it now for 6 years with the same result everytime! The website on the bottle is www.alohatheraphy.net I buy mine at the local health food store.

Please try turmeric 1tsp 3xs a day in yoghurt, and apply coconut oil (organic if possible) to your HS even open sores/wounds.<br />
Also get on zinc picolinate 50mgs 2xs a day. <br />
Finally, salt crystal deodorant works wonders on open sores and the oozing and ODOUR!!!<br />
Earthclinic.com under the aliments section, click on HS and start reading!!!

hello everyone,<br />
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I have been suffering with this disease since 2007 first they misdiagnosed me so i guess i have been suffering before 2007. I have the disease in my armpit and in my groin area that is tunneling to my buttocks. I have had 3 surgeries on my groin area that has left me off work for 6 weeks at a time even having nursing service to come in weekly to address the open wounds. Since this i have been very depressed and i dont know what to do anymore it is effecting my life drastically by the foul odor of the infection and the contant leaking of the sores that are constantly seeping through my clothes. can anyone out there give me some advice.

Hi Charrissee, I just had a major flare up under my arm. It didn't hurt but the bubble I had there was huge and gross. I had gone online and purchased some emuaid. i used it twice a day covered by a bandaid or guaze and tape. The emuaid is amazing. It cleared it up fantastically. I had been using terrasilmax before which is a black "goopy" slave. It was working but since I also have HS on my buttocks it ruined all of my underwear. The emuaid is a clear ointment that seems to work even faster than the terrasil. I had ordered one to try and trust me..... I just got my order for 6 more. Give it a try. Good luck and let me kow how you make out.

Hey - good chance you have food allergies - get a food allergy test from a naturopath...I had HS - thought there was no hope until got a food allergy test from a NATUROPATH (not from a medical doctor) and my life changed for the good...email me at Jabran23@hotmail.ca if u hav any other Questions

common allergies for HS sufferers are dairy and gluten!

I know about the bandaids. I forever have them stuck up my butt to take care of the boils that I get. Go to google and search HS- spell it out though. There are a couple of sites that have treatments. I found one for aidance.com (??) They have an ointment that is like black salve that draws it out and clears it up. I have been using it for a couple of weeks now and there is a tremendous difference. There is another as well, name forgotten, that is out of New Zealand, that has pills that is supposed to clear it up in 90 days. Still waiting for the pills. Very expensive, $1 per pill, but if it works, to me it is worth every penny. Good luck with your search. Please feel free to add me as a friend.

I have been battling HS for years It all started in 2003 .I was formally diagnosed in 2005. I had surgery right after. Removing the affected area only to have it return years later. Both of my armpits are heavily affected. I suffer from constant pain from the slightest movement. Just activities for daily living is extremely painful. I have been on countless antibiotics, numerous pain med to no avail. Constant and consistent flare-ups. The band aids have also become my enemy. They tend to irritate my skin causing redness leaving the area sore and more inflamed. You name it I've tried it. My quality of life has been dramatically affected. I am currently seeking disability for this rare skin disease. To date there is no cure and very few answers. I can definitely relate to the anxiety, embarrassment , pain, depression over all sense of hopelessness.

Lyntee - if you've read my posts, forget what I said about aidance skincare. The stuff they have works, yes, but it is very messy. I found a new site and a new product. You can either get there by emuaid.com or speer laboratories.com. Stuff is amazing. I had a great big bubble recently under my left arm. It wasn't sore, just big and ugly. I used the emuaid twice a day for about a week and it is gone. It even cleared up the areas left over from the bandaids and tape in no time. Try using guaze and paper tape if possible rather than bandaids. Let me know how you make out with it. Good luck,

Hey - good chance you have food allergies - get a food allergy test from a naturopath...I had HS - thought there was no hope until got a food allergy test from a NATUROPATH (not from a medical doctor) and my life changed for the good...email me at Jabran23@hotmail.ca if u hav any other Questions

common allergies for HS sufferers are dairy &amp; gluten!

also u cud b allergic to deodorant as well - mite wna use aloe vera or tea tree deodorant

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