A Song That Made My Jaw Drop Open And Tears Billow Up In My Eyes! Somebody Understands!

HI! HS is nuts, crazy and something I think insurance companies/healthcare physicians should take more seriously than they do now. It seems like because it is so rare and people are so quiet about this it gets swept under rugs everywhere. In society today we are told that perfect skin is the way to go. I see a deodorant commercial about perfect underarms and I want to reach through the television and choke that person out, lol..I have had this condition since I have been around 8 (everywhere I read it says this only happens after puberty?) I am 36 now and it finally subsided a few years ago. I had it severely everywhere my skin touched my skin; between my legs, my groin, my butt cheeks (where I currently now have folliculitis), under my arms and under my breasts. I remember sitting in high school and feeling one burst under my arm, feeling it run down my side and then having to get up and just get out of the room. I was ashamed and I felt like I got my childhood ripped out from under me. I currently only have the scars, raised sinus tracks and the folliculitis on my butt and back of my legs. Skin problems never seem to go away! So anyway I was getting ready one morning listening to Pandora and I heard this song by Six AM called "Skin". Instantly I started to tear up and couldn't believe that an Artist would write about this, never had I imagined. I am sure it was about a girlfriend or someone who was burned or in an accident as HS is known to hardly anyone. I wanted to share this information as it is bittersweet and it felt good to relate to something "out there" maybe it can be the HS theme song! Also, I played this for my boyfriend who says "it's (HS Scars) not attractive but there is nothing you can do about it" and for some reason he didn't talk about it at all after the song was over. But I felt like the song explained what I couldn't. Hopefully I helped a few in this forum. If anyone listens to this song let me know what you think.. :) Maybe, one day, there will be something out there to fix our skin..Hugs to everyone!!!
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I haven't heard that song but I will very soon. You must hear the song "Sitting in the waiting room". Its wonderful. In a way it does echo what all of us are going through. In fact a year ago I was trying to look for the song you suggested online but I couldn't find it. Instead I hit upon this wonderful article and through that found the most wonderful doctor who can control HS. Its Dr.Illtefat Hamzavi. He is a dermatologist at HenryFord, Michigan and at Hamzavi Dermatology his personal clinic. He is a laser specialist and knows a very good surgeon. He is into research and hence knows the latest happening in this field. I just travelled all the way from an other country only to get treated by this doctor. I got my surgery and laser done. Its improving unbelievably well and i'm flying back next month to by country to resume my job, go back to my family and country. It can't be cured but surely controlled so we can resume our normal life back with a bang without pain, drainage or bandages. Do google details about him. I'd like to thank you for suggesting that song to us so I could view it and connect to it instantly. Most importantly connect to this doctor of mine who I'm sure will stay and help me for when ever I need him. All the very best.

Thank you so much for sharing this. It made me cry, but in a good way.
I have had this disease for 40 years. When I came down with it the doctors didn't have a name for it and couldn't tell me what I had. It took them 8 years to give me a name for it and then, as now, they didn't know much about it.

I got teared up listening to this song too!
I have lived with HS since I was 18, i am now 34. IT SUXX EVERYDAY, but I manage to push. Thank you for sharing this, I am adding it to my YouTube Mix.

Thank you for sharing this, i really needed something like this to cheer me up. Im 16 and i have had HS since i was about 12. Although it has never been as bad as it has been in the last few months. I'm having trouble walking around school and just trying to find a way to get through each day. Just wanted to say this song helped a lot.... Thank you!

Thank you for sharing this song , I will share it ,in the hopes that even ONE person get's it

Ditto !

Wow. I just youtubed this. I've had HS since I was about 14 (I'm 21), and in addition to those scars I also have several from insulin injection sites (I've been a type 1 diabetic since I was 4) and I just burst out crying, but I really needed it. It does sort of feel like someone is talking just to you and not looking at you as either a patient or just simply unnatractive Thanks so much for sharing this.

I've loved that song for a long time. I have a sister with a lot more visible skin issues than me. I can hide mine with clothes, hers is on her face, hands, knees, etc. This song is so touching to me not because of my skin issues but just because of all the judgement I see ba<x>sed on physical appearances. Most of which are not the person's choice or even under their control.

Loved it!!! I agree it should be the theme song!! It brought tears to my eyes twice.

Love it

Great song! I had to share it on my wall on facebook, but also on a group that I just joined. It's called Hidradenitis Suppurativa: Knowledge is key! Y'all should look it up. Great group of people!!

awww i shed a tear or too made me feel like someone understood.