I Seem To Be Going Into Rmission From Stage Ii

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            I am a 45yr old female, who lives in Australia. I have had HS since I was a teenager but it only really started to get consistent until I was in my mid twentys. That was when I started to seek out doctors and they all said I had ingrown hairs and for years these boils were my shameful secret. Then last year things got a whole lot worse, the pain became unbearable and sinus tracks formed and multiple huge "heads" that just did not seem to heal under both my arms and my groin, buttocks and anus.

   After seeing some really rude ignorant doctors (who made me feel unclean and all pushed antibiotics on me, one even suggested that I bath in pure bleach), I finally found a doctor who referred me to a specialist and in Sept 2011, he named this for me, which was a relief on so many levels and a heartbreak on others, as he said there is no cure. He also said that surgery should be a last resort and he recommended ocean bathing and salt baths at home, which I feel are very helpful when the flare ups are bad. he said stop using any chemical products, some drugs may even trigger a flare up.

 I at least had a name, so I went home and started to do my research. I have since turned my life around by 1. giving up processed foods and all sugar in food and drinks. 2. taking herbal supplements vital greens, zinc, Curcumin (turmeric) and AZO yeast tablets. 3. De stressing my life as much as I can and at least being mindful of when I am stressing. 4. I am not HS, I have HS, it does not define me as a being and it could even be an allie to me, as I need to be healthy to stay free from outbreaks. 5. taking regular salt baths and ocean swimming when I can.

  Giving up processed foods and sugar has been difficult but I am seeing results so it is all worth it ( and I have lost weight). The sores under my arms and the sinus tracks have all healed and any outbreaks I do have are minimal compared to last year or even, ever ( the bumps are small and a lot less painful and don't seem to hang around long,,, a few days) and are directly triggered from stress and eating or drinking sugar. I now am feeling confident enough to say that I seem to be in remission or at least well on the way, I know I will always have to work with my HS but I am hopeful that it will not define who I am and what I can give and experience in this life. I am an Artist and for the last year I have not been able to be physically creative, I now have my arms back and it is so Awesome to be expressive on canvas again rather than just in my own mind...good luck everyone, it so great to have you all to talk to about HS as I am sure anyone who does not have it is totally grossed out by the very idea of it. 
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Hi Kiwi<br />
Yes that seems to be what is so interesting and difficult about HS...it is different for everyone and also changes over ones lifetime.....I guess the more we can share about our own experiences the more options people have to explore..so good to know you have found a way to keep it at bay....scarless healer seems to be fading my scars...good luck and cheers :^)

Hi there - good to read your comments about the cutting sugar etc in diet. It is wierd but sugar has no effect for me - it is whole grains as per my post earlier today. I tried taking Zinc - that lead to a massive outbreak, also read someone had taken tumeric tablets and that had cured them - treid it - massive outbreaks......so I guess what I am seeing is that for each person the triggers are different - it is a matter of trial and error as to what works for each person. I also tried colodial silver on my scars (as a pultice) and it helps fade them - will try taking more orally to see if that helps as well. Cheers for advise - Kiwi12097

Hi Justdreaming.... Yes I did...earth clinic was the first site I found that people seemed to getting results,,,so I tried the ones that seemed to be helping the most.. and my most long term open sores started to heal and close within the first 2 weeks and after 1 month were healed..I still have the scaring but am using scarless healer on them and they are fading now too... the change in eating habits is of course the hardest to maintain but after seeing the connection to my intake and my outbreaks it is a no brainer for me. good luck and I hope you find yourself in blissful remission :^)

Could I ask exactly how (amount and how many times a day) you were taking the turmeric, AZO supplements, and vita cost.
I looked for AZO in Shoppers Drug Mart (Ontario) and couldn't find it.
Hope to hear from you soon!!!
Thanks for your reply!

I'm starting university in Sept. and can't even handle hiding HS from everyone all my family and friends, some days I just want to stay in my room all day, but can't because I'm scared people will notice something is wrong. I had to even attend a ski trip and didn't have any pain killers, it was so horrible for me and the worst part was having to fake my smile!
I can't even imagine getting rid of HS or even making it so that when I move I don't wince in pain!

I had to buy the AZO online at Amazon, they quite cheep. I take 1 Bio Zinc (blackmores make it), 1 curcumiods 500/ Tumeric and 1 AZO and 2 vitamin C a day but when I have a flare up I double them all except the C. You need to find the dosage that works for you. With the lifestyle changes that you also need to make, this could work for you. try to find comfortable clothes that don't rub you or put pressure on skin anywhere and think seriously about giving up sugar. hot salt baths are really great when you are having flare ups. I really feel for you, hang in there, you can get on top of this x

Did you get thoses ideas from earth clinic dot com?<br />
I really want to start taking all of those remedies you listed!<br />
Can you please tell me how long it took for you see healing results?<br />
HS came out of now here 6months go, I'm 22y/o and can't handel it for much longer ;(<br />
Hope to hear from you soon!

thanks for all of your good advice. I am 57 years old/female and was just diagnosed with HS, November 2011 after many months of doctors visits with what I thought was a boil that would not heal. It would drain all the time but would not heal, then these tunnels started shouting out in every direction and anywhere you pushed blood would come out of all these different spots. Not to mention the odor which is so discusting. My HS is on my right groin and has started to blacken and disfigure my skin. I have just started my research and am very depressed about this crap having no cure. I read that colloidal silver was a miracle cure for the treatment of HS so I went to Whole Foods and bought the liquid (use orally and topically) and within 4 days the HS was drying up. During Christmas, stress and all, I relapsed so I doubled up on the Colloidal Silver intake and within 4 days it was almost gone again, dried up, no pain. It is worth every penny. I take c.silver every day, two dropper fulls in a little distilled water. Hope this will help others as much as it has helped me. God bless you.

I'm going to start trying all of these things! It was so great to read your story. It just gave me so much hope. Thank you so much for posting!