Emuaid Didnt Work 4 Me Help

I got the emuaid yesterday put it on right away that was around 4p it took the itching right away! Yeah got up this morning took a shower put on after shower did some things then took a nap woke up from nap and it was burning to the point. i jumped in the shower to wash it off I feel better now that its off of me. Did any one else have this happen to them? Im also in stage 3.
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I tried the product and it did absolutely nothing for me, I am quite dissapointed in this miracle cure/snake oil. Overpriced and under performs.

It helps me and same other people that I know. Terrific performance as far as I am concerned.

I have suffered with HS for over 25 years. I have taken prescriptions.... I have had the surgeries. Emuaid has been the best thing going. When you suffer with this and the pain from it, you will do almost anything to be free from the pain, if only for a moment. Needless to say my stage is as far as it gets. HS is very very painful, if Emuaid is used consistently it CAN improve the overall lesions themselves. NO NOT CURE, it does not claim to cure something that we all know there is NO cure for. I sing its praises as a veteran in this fight.

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My sister is stage 3 HS. She wants to try Emuaid but shipping costs to Ireland is very expensive. Does anyone know if this can be purchased in Ireland or England/ Euro.<br />
She is disperate at this stage.

i have had hidradentitis supprativa for 7 years and ive tried everything ive researched everyday looking for some relief and i found emuaid, i mean the scarring is clearing, i get the boils under the arms, boobs, between the legs, undie line, and bum i have a sever case and its working for me so plz guys if your suffer with this condidtion give emuaid a go its made my life so much easier and i have more confidence is does work very well have to by my second tub its really a life saver especially with all the pain

Emuaid may help, however, they are saying HS is a bacterial infection when it is not.. They also claim that shaving causes HS, then they claim their is no cure but emuaid will cure it.. Very false advertising and i would suggest not wasting $50 on false advertising.

Can someone please explain the "stages" to me. I was just diagnosed last week so have never heard of them....Thanks in advance. Linda

From what was explained to me when I was diagnosed, the stages go like this:
Stage 1: Solitary or multiple abscess in isolated incidents. Zero to light scarring and no involvement of the sinus tracts.
Stage 2: Multiple or single abscess in multiple regions, spreading thoughout the pubic area with possible sinus tract formation occurring. Long periods of remission are rare. Patients are usually referred to a surgeon at this stage.
Stage 3: Multiple abscess along pubic areas as well as possibly under the arms, between breasts and buttocks. Widely spread scarring from previous abscesses. Long periods of remission are highly unlikely at this stage. Surgery usually suggested.

I am at stage 3. I am currently taking doxycycline 300mg daily. I also was prescribed Vanos sterile cream for a short period. I use emuaid and have had great results, unfortunately those with sensitive skin and lots of allergies may have a reaction to some of its ingredients, such as the tea tree oil. I hope this has been helpful. Good luck and God bless.

I have purchased emuaid for the condition of hidradenitis suppurativa and with my real honest opinion I have to say it has saved my life. I'm 28 years old and it's really not a easy condition for me. I was suffering with this problem for more than a year now. My doctor has been treating me in this matter since last year and I know their is no cure for such condition which is the hard part for me. He's been treating me in this matter for prevention which is very helpful but I want cure and I want relief forever. I've been searching all over for cure and I became so happy ever since I heard about this company. I have to say that this is the most amazing and incredible product . It's light scented which I really like and I can't believe the first two days I saw relief. I was really amazed. I've been through so much fear, worry, doctors, testing's until they new what's the problem in how such condition made me really sick. I kept on crying from such pain and worry. They even mentioned to me about having surgery. I didn't know what more to think of until I came across it. I didn't think of anything like Emuaid would exist. It took me more than a month to believe that I'm finally seeing relief safely and naturally. Ever since I've been using Emuaid my underarms didn't form in a boil. I'm very, very happy with the results and I know it's something I have to use everyday for the rest of my life.