Hanging In There

i have had hiradeninitus and 16 and going into my 2 and a half year now.i'm hanging on. when i first went to the doctor for one under my arm they said it was nothing and to loose weight. it was almost like i was waisting his time ,so i just left without thinking about it. the next day i was in so mutch pain i couldnt move, i had to wait there for about a good hour before trying to move. after that it kinda went away but little did i know it was only the beginning. when i moved to a different state they started again. they were huge leisions on my stomach,arm pits,but,neck,and many more places. they never went away so i had to go to the doctor they tossed me around so mutch i went to about 4 doctors until i got to the hospital when they diagnosed me with this. i was hospitilized for over a month in and out constant pain.i am in pain everyday and its chronic so its horrible knowing your'e going to be in and out of hospitals and in pain everyday. i have an ongoing inflamation on my crease in my nable and i hurts . people that dont have this dont understand for example my p.e .teacher i have the most major restrictions the doctor cleared me to dress out but not really excersie per say. the pe teacher thinks its a full clearence and tries to kinda involuntarly push me to excercise saying i dont know what i can tolerate even with me trying to explain. i figure if i have had it this long i know what i can tolerate. but now the doctors are debating about doing surgery on me for some.its hard being around people worring about the smell and they notice the ones on my neck everyday i even worry about the stress on my mind, body,and mother. im hanging in there but its going to be a long road.
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1 Response May 8, 2012

I know how you feel about the constant pain. especially when you first wake up. i have had HS for around 3 years and everyday is a struggle. But things can get better in time. wether its surgery or essential oils or whatever you try. because they "the scientists" don't know exactly what causes it everyone has to do their own research and try a thousand and one different things. but you'll find something that will help. i found that just simply using antibacterial soap everyday helped me. as far as worring about people smelling the smell i say f*** they they think they smell. To me i don't care what they think. of course i say that but not always think it. mainly you just have to say to yourself, " I'm not gonna let what people think of me get to me. I wish you the best of luck