Summer Not So Fun In The Sun!!

Summers coming up and this is the first year i have to deal with my HS scarring being seen. I started scarring this year and im worried that people with see my scars and my flair ups. It has never been this bad before and it just keeps getting worse. I am also worried about whether or not i should go swimming if i have any open crevices??? Does anyone know if its a good idea or bad. Im really embarrassed to let anyone see because im afraid they might think i have something contagious and might not want to be around me anymore. My husband knows what it is so it wont affect him none. I first got it when i was a baby but it has been nonstop sence i turned 23.
saiam14 saiam14
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1 Response May 9, 2012

I don't know I would recommend it at all.. Maybe it is just me but I went swimming and the next day was a start of a horrible outbreak..