Hs Athritis Fibro.... When Does It Stop!!!

I am 33 now but the first time i ever got a sore was in my groin around 15 yrs old. I was so embarrassed. I thought something was wrong with me and I didnt understand what I had not been sexually active. Over the years my condition has progressed. The HS is stage 3 now on top of that i have fibro, arthritis and a broken screw in my foot from a messed up surgery. Every day in pain......
A few months ago the HS got extreme and I looked for medical care for the first time ever. Luckily the urgent care dr i saw was probably the greatest dr i have ever seen for any reason. He had to lance under both arms and my entire groin area and yet he made me feel not so dirty about it. When i went back after a few days for a check up he had consulted with a dermatologist on my behalf and had printed off an entire packet of information. Above and beyond for a dr esp an urgent care. After consulting with the dermatologist he put me a new mixture of medicines that is supposed to help prevent out breaks. I take 300mg of clindamycin 2x a day and 300mg of rifampin 1 x a day. is anyone else on this? Is it working for you? It has seemed to at least slow the outbreaks down.
I never knew until now that HS is linked to causing arthritis and fibro. it explains so much,
i go to the dermatologist on the 31st. Hoping for the best
i am so sick of being in pain every day of my life. Im way to young for this!!!
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Hi Ashpen30 ,now that I have read your story I can understand maybe the reason why I have Fibro and RA.I just started about 2 mo.ago shoots of Enbrel once a wk for tha RA but with that I have lots of flare ups and told my Dr.she said that at least I'll be controlling the RA,if she only knew that HS is just as bad and so debilitating,to the point that I can't get dress,sit lay or walk.One thing I can say ,I had some relief when I went into menopause,because one thing I knew for sure in my case was that it was at par with my monthly cycles but when I was diagnosed with RA and Fibro and started the meds like methotraxate and the Enbrel that made it come bk .So here I go all over again,I learned what to do,but the pain and suffering is the same.28 yrs is a long time.Hope the find the cure some day.

Hello ashpen30. I'm so sorry you're having to deal with this. I have been looking for an answer to what has been causing these disgusting lesions since I was about 14 yrs old. I too have Fibromyalgia, Rheumatoid Arthritis, and many other medical problems. PCOS & Insulin Resistance go right along with this condition or so I've read which I've also been diagnosed as having. I am 37 yrs old & have been sick the majority of my life. So, I understand your pain. I get these in the panty-line area once a year or sometimes twice. But, this one has gotten soo far out of control & it came-on just before a particlarly awful period where I know my hormones were a mess. I thought I had it drained but no, it came back with a vengeance & I wound up sweating bullets at work, two days in a row, barely able to walk. Then the fever came on & made it to over 101 degrees! I had some penicillin from some dental work and so I took 1000 mg at once which DID, knock down the swelling & infection, but that's all. It's still there & still painful, ugly & going to scar me. I really didn't realize that so many people out there suffered with this embarrassing ailment & that provides me some comfort. But it also is upsetting to know that I have one more official illness to add to my list. Thanks for posting your story.