Hs And My Story Plus A Question

Im 23 and was dignosed only 3 months ago but ive had symptoms since 10 im at stage 3 which is pose to be the worst i dont rly get breakouts my whole belly to lower thigh is inflamed abcessed and full of sinus tracs and while i know it sounds hideous o ya been that way for 4 yrs i feel lucky cause im not in pain from it cept when i bend over i also have alot of mental health problems does anyone take humira injections im hopein for some incite because im hopeing to get insurance approval for humira
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My derma wrote letter sayin i should be on it to insurance

there is a research study going on for humera in many states that I am participating in. I have been on the drug for 3 months and many of my sores has disappeared, When I get flareups, they clear up faster now, and I dont get much pain with the sores now. I was also a level 3 with abcessed, now I am a 1 with a few 2.

Humera have a lot of side effect you need to be monitor closely with it through blood test. I haven't experience any of the side effect, except for loose stool, which disappeared.When I started the research study they did a chest x-ray, Ekg,TB test, hepatitis test, and many different blood test, and they check my lypnodes. You are prone to infection with this drug, such as hepatitis, I took the hepatitis shot years ago, so I am immuned from catching that. It can also mimic lupus in some people. If you had cancer, I would suggest you not take the drug because your immune system is weak already

. Many insurance companies doesn't approved the drug for HS, that is why the research is going on in many states to get it approved for HS. So, if your insurance doesn't approved the drug, you can always participate in the research and get the drug for free and be monitor closely and they also pay you $30 for each visit and the research last for 56 weeks