I Didn't Know How Lucky I Am

I have just joined this group having just been diagnosed last week.

The first "boil" I had was in the groin ,I did sitz baths and hot compresses etc . It never really drained but went away .
Next was on back of my neck cept this ti,e the white center was there first and it really hurt ! DR said boil I said I don't think so ,last one was the biggest yet and so painful ,sitting was misery .

So like I said I am Blessed . I can't imagine the pain and frustration so many are living in .

But I am scared ,really scared I can feel more forming and even the ones that have gone still cause pain ?

Does anyone else suffer from extreme itch & burning? I also get itchy headless , red raised lumps all over,they come on suddenly .

All Summer I blamed bug bites . I can't tell you the number of times i whipped back the blankets on my bed had a flash light looking for bed bugs ...nothing there .

Another thing I did not know is that you can get a yeast infection on your skin ,apparently I have that too.

The groups of raised growths on my upper groin (both sides) came on so sudden I couldn't believe what I was seeing ,and damn it hurts.

Sorry I am rambling , like I said I am brand new to this ,had never even heard of it and I am scared !

I made the mistake of goggling images ,yep I am scared , anyone else have these other red lumps? and do you burn and itch as well?

sauci sauci
56-60, F
Sep 16, 2012